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Blocked Fallopian Tube Resources

  Friday, February 12th, 2016



Hi there! In this photo taken over thirty years ago; Michael (smaller one), with my brother and our mom Maria. We were born because of Felopio, as our mom also struggled with blocked fallopian tubes.


Hi Maria,
Maria, Maria.
Pls how many times did I call you?
God is really using you to do miracle,
I just collected my result today, and behold my tubes are patent, See result:
Precontrast Exam: No soft tissue or osseous abnormality seen.
Contrast Series:
· Normal uterian cavity demonstration
· Normal patent cervical canal.
· Left and right fallopian tubes are demonstrated
· Bilateral but not copius contrast blushes at termination of tubes noted
· Tubal spasm may be responsible for sub optimal intra peritoneal spillages
· Mild intravasation of contracst seen.
CONCLUSION: Patent fallopian tubes.
Maria Please post my result on the internet for people to see that Fellopio works.
Im very happy to know my tubes are ok, I know God will also do his final work on me, so that I will smile like Debbie (see how Debbie used Felopio to unblock her fallopian tubes naturally).
Afolabi Jane

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Hydrosalpinx can be cured naturally to unblock fallopian tubes

Felopio has been proven to be very effective in treating hydrosalpinx which causes the fallopian tubes to be blocked.

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What is Hydrosalpinx?

Hydrosalpinx is a condition which causes the fallopian tubes to be blocked. The hydrosalpinx could be in one or both fallopian tubes. Hydrosalpinx is a fluid inside the fallopian tube which is trapped by blockage on either side, so that the fluid has no place to go and the fallopian tube starts to swell.

Hydrosalpinx and Infertility

Hydrosalpinx is usually not treated in clinics. If the patient is trying to conceive through IVF, the doctors may suggest to remove the tube or tubes with hydrosalpinx. This suggestion is made because of the danger of the fluid possibly leaking into the uterus. The fluid from the hydrosalpinx could damage the pregnancy. The problem is that once the fallopian tubes are removed, there is no other way of conceiving. Pregnancy can now only be achieved through IVF. All less drastic approaches should be exhausted before removing the fallopian tubes because removing them is irreversible.

Natural Treatment for Hydrosalpinx

Hydrosalpinx has been treated successfully on numerous occasions with Felopio. Felopio works on a hydrosalpinx blocked tube much the same way it works on a normal blocked tube.

How Felopio removes Hydrosalpinx

The treatment softens the blockage and it begins to fall off. It is removed from the reproductive system with the vaginal flushing. When all blockage on the closer side (near the uterus) has been removed, the trapped fluid will drain out. As the treatment continues the remaining blockage will now be treated. It will soften and break down with our herbal treatment. When this final blockage is completely removed the fallopian tube will now be healthy. At this point natural conception is possible again.

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Success stories: Women who unblocked their fallopian tubes with Felopio.