A Couple Chooses to Avoid Surgery in Favour of a Herbal Treatment. Success Follows Soon

A Couple Chooses to Avoid Surgery in Favour of a Herbal Treatment. Success Follows Soon

Date Posted: Nov 25, 2014

From: Nyarko A [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013
To: Maria
Subject: Happy Day

I was aware that there is a cure to any illness and that if you have not met the right herbalist, never conclude that your illness has no cure.  With this psyche behind me, I embarked on a search for a cure for our problem.

When numerous attempts to conceive failed after marriage in June, 2008, our doctor recommended an HSG Test which results proved bilateral tubal blockage.  Our doctor then recommended surgery but we declined.  In an attempt to find a cure, we visited several fertility centers both modern and local/traditional but all to no avail.  It was observed that most of the fertility centers visited concentrated on drugs/herbs that boost/improve fertility instead of drugs/herbs that will unblock blocked fallopian tubes.  It was like pouring water on a rock with the expectation that the interior will get wet.

We prayed to God to connect us to the right herbalist who could unblock blocked fallopian tubes.  The God who never forsake his children heard our prayers and unconditionally granted our wishes.

One day when my wife was surfing the net to explore other alternative means of cure for infertility, she found herself in the felopio website.  We took keen interest in the website.  I read all the testimonies and said to myself that if all the testimonies were factual then my wife and I must one day also testify in the felopio website.

After completing the 2nd package of felopio, there were still particles in the flushes.  We kept communicating with Maria (the Herbalist God connected us to) who was quick in response to all our enquiries.  She encouraged us to ensure that there were clear flushes for at least 3 consecutive days otherwise conception could lead to ectopic.  We ordered the 3rd package and completed it religiously with particles still in the flushes.

We decided to opt for IVF because time was not on our side.  We started counseling with a Gynecologist but upon a second thought, we concluded that IVF will be our last resort.

Eager to see clear flushes, we took delivery of the 4th package of felopio.  After completing the 4th package (although with little particles still in the flush) we decided to do the HSG Test again.  I called the hospital and booked appointment with the Laboratory Technician one month in advance of the appointed time for the test.  Lo and behold my wife missed her menstrual period just within the period.  We assumed it was one of those delays which eventually got us disappointed after few days because most of the medications made her menstrual period unpredictable.  Like joke, I was in the office when my wife called to say a pregnancy text she had done proved positive.*  I was filled with joy.

I realized that what my grandfather told me some decades ago actually came to pass in my own life – “Never conclude that your sickness has no cure until you met the right doctor/herbalist.”

God has solution to any problem.  One will only have to pray to Him to reveal to one the right person who has solution to one’s problem.  Some people get solution to their problems through Pastors, others through Gynecologists, Herbalists, Professional Counselors, Others through fasting and prayers, etc.  No matter what your problem, there is always a solution.  Never be despaired.  I believe felopio is the solution to many fertility problems.  My observation however is that after using the first package without any positive results most people stop.  I believe this herb works for everyone provided one is able to achieve clear flushes.

In conclusion, I recommend felopio to all women who have tubal blockage problems.  It has worked for my wife and it can work for you also.  If you finish the 1st package without success never be despaired.  Continue with another package because in no time you may be the one testifying and recommending felopio to others just as I am doing with my wife.  Think not of the cost involved because the benefits of using this herb (felopio) far outweighs the cost of it.  My wife is now 10weeks pregnant.  The ultra sound results shows everything is doing good.

Thanks “Angel Maria”.  May God continue to widen your connections with mankind on mother earth.  Words alone cannot express our gratitude.  “More grease to your elbow.”

Paskal, Accra, Ghana.

*More than twelve years of experience demonstrates the effectiveness of Felopio, yet each woman is different and the duration and outcome of the treatment may vary.