Unblocked Fallopian Tubes

I Bought Felopio in 2012. I Used it for Two Months, and my Daughter is Now Two Years Plus

Date Posted: Mar 1, 2016

From: Catherine [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, February 2, 2016
To: Maria

Message: I bought Felopio in 2012, I used it for 2months and my daughter is now 2years plus, it is a powerful herb for blocked Fallopian tubes.* It really is amazing as I am now celebrating motherhood. I bought it from Lilian in Uganda, since it was the nearest to my country Zambia. I thank God for the precious gift i have in my daughter.

Catherine, Zambia

*More than twelve years of experience demonstrates the effectiveness of Felopio, yet each woman is different and the duration and outcome of the treatment may vary.