In this section we are going to share knowledge we have accumulated over the years about all the challenges faced by couples who struggle with infertility and how our herbal procedure can help you overcome these challenges. Check on it frequently and do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

      Why do blockages occur?
      How to unblock your tubes in order to achieve a natural pregnancy?

Ectopic Pregnancy

      Why do ectopic pregnancies happen?
      How to prevent an ectopic pregnancy?


      What is Hydrosalpinx and how it can be cured?
      How does Hydroslapinx prevent you from becoming pregnant?
      Why you should not allow for your tubes to be removed in preparation for IVF?

Surgery and Blocked Fallopian Tubes

      Why surgery is ineffective in removing blockages from the Fallopian tubes?
      Why you should avoid surgery and use Felopio instead?

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