Treatments to Increase Fertility in Women

There are two parts to boosting fertility. Fertility can be increased by improving the state of the reproductive system and it can also be improved by boosting the ovulation.

Improving the State of the Reproductive System

When one is struggling to conceive she needs to look at boosting her fertility. The most important part is to improve the health of the organs in the reproductive system. The womb and fallopian tubes have to be cleaned and rejuvenated because over time sexually active women can be exposed to infections, abortions or miscarriages. All of these have negative effects on fertility. By using Felopio, you can clean and restore the condition of the reproductive tract to a state only found in young adults (before they have become sexually active).

The fallopian tubes can get damaged and blocked from infections. Infections provoke the formation of scar tissue in the womb and fallopian tubes. Having a fractional scarring in the uterus may not always cause infertility, but even a small amount of scarring in the fallopian tubes could be enough to prevent one from conceiving. A sizable amount of scar tissue on the walls of the uterus can also prevent pregnancy and it can possibly cause a miscarriage.

“Felopio helps women boost their fertility by cleaning and restoring all of the reproductive tract.”

Improving Egg Quality and Boosting Ovulation

Another vital aspect of increasing fertility for women whose fallopian tubes are not blocked, and the womb is already restored, is to boost the ovulation. Sometimes just having a reproductive system in bad health can decrease ovulation as well. When Felopio cleans and restores the womb and fallopian tubes, the whole reproductive system benefits from this. Many women see improved ovulation after the treatment. Often, the Felopio treatment results in increased ovulation and is able to regulate an irregular period.

When the Felopio treatment is complete, the fallopian tubes are unblocked, the womb is healthy, and fertility drugs such as Clomid can be introduced (if needed) to produce an extra boost to the ovulation. We need to keep in mind, these kinds of drugs are ineffective if the fallopian tubes are blocked. They should not be taken by women with blocked tubes as they can have negative side effects if taken excessively.

Using Felopio to restore natural fertility is the first step.

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