Blocked Fallopian Tubes

You may have been trying to get pregnant for months or maybe even years without any success…

You have finally decided to go see a doctor and try to get to the bottom of the problem of not getting pregnant. You have gone for blood tests to check your hormones and the results came back fine. You have done a pelvic ultrasound exam and the findings were also good. You were given some fertility pills to take after your period, but they have not been helping you. You have gone back to see your doctor hoping to find out why you are still not getting pregnant.

Your Doctor has ordered an HSG test to check the condition of your fallopian tubes

You go to have this HSG test which you find to be very painful. After the test your doctor gives you the news that you have blocked fallopian tubes. Your doctor explains to you that you can try surgery to unblock your fallopian tubes, but the success rate is very low. Then you are told that your only option to have a baby is through IVF. You find out what IVF is all about and the costs involved which almost crushes you. You probably never thought you would need something like this to have a baby, and you also realize that you cannot afford to spend this kind of money, even if this was an avenue that you wanted to pursue.

You never imagined that getting pregnant would be this difficult

You never imagined that you would need to have surgery on such a sensitive area of your body. You never thought that your pregnancy would have to begin outside of your body. Although you had heard of happy families and wonderful children born through IVF, you simply never thought that this would end up being you. Your gynecologist and the infertility specialist have already told you that there is no other way, yet you wonder and look for an alternative. There must be a way to unblock damaged fallopian tubes naturally. In the middle of the night, when everybody is sleeping, you stumble upon this “thing” called Felopio.

Natural herbal treatment to unblock the fallopian tubes

You look through the website and ask yourself: “Could this be real? Could Felopio actually open my fallopian tubes and bring a solution to my problem?” You have read the success stories of other women and wonder: “How could this be true? My doctors and specialists told me that surgery is the only way to unblock the fallopian tubes. Even with surgery, it is not very likely to permanently unblock the tubes.” When it was all said and done, you were told that the only way to get pregnant and have a baby was through IVF.

Why wouldn’t they didn’t tell you about Felopio?

Currently, there is a disconnect between modern medicine and the alternative methods. In reality what is deemed “alternative” medicine is actually the traditional practices used by our ancestors. In recent years we are witnessing a resurgence of the utilization of those practices. People have stopped treating the body as a machine and are approaching the human experience in more holistic ways. Health is understood to be a part of greater integration between the human organism, the environment, and the internal experience. We are not disconnected from nature. The process is symbiotic. What is without is what we find within. We sincerely believe the gap between “modern” and “traditional” will soon be bridged. What you are finding here is a very functional solution to the problems of female reproduction. We are fortunate to have access to all this information and have the ability to make our own choices.

Before we continue about unblocking your fallopian tubes with Felopio, we should have a brief talk about the fallopian tubes.

What are the fallopian tubes?

The fallopian tubes are two delicate organs which allow pregnancy to happen. The sperm from the male finds it’s way though the fallopian tube where it fertilizes the newly released egg from the female. This is where life begins.  From there the fertilized egg travels down to the womb where it attaches and starts to grow as it receives nutrients from the mother.

How do blocked fallopian tubes prevent pregnancy?

When the fallopian tubes are blocked the sperm is blocked from fertilizing the egg. The egg is not fertilized or allowed to descend in the uterus. In some cases of partially blocked fallopian tubes, the sperm can get around the blockages because of it’s size and it can fertilized the egg. The problem is due to the size of the embryo (being bigger) it cannot get past the blockages. This can be a dangerous predicament – an ectopic pregnancy, that can possibly lead to the removal of the affected fallopian tube.

Blocked fallopian tube causes

There are many causes for the fallopian tubes to become blocked. Some of the most common causes are sexually transmitted infections and surgery of or near the reproductive tract. Miscarriages and abortions can also obstruct the fallopian tubes.

Types of blockages in the fallopian tubes

The tubes can be blocked near the uterus, in the middle part of the tube or at the far end near the ovaries. They can be blocked a little bit in one spot or the whole length of the tube can be full of scar tissue. There can be partial blockage or have hydrosalpinx. Great care should be taken when the tubes are partially blocked as this can lead to an ectopic pregnancy. Hydrosalpinx is especially tough blockage to deal with, and it can also lead to ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

What are some similar terms to “blocked fallopian tubes”?

Some of the terms used to describe problems with the fallopian tubes are: blocked fallopian tubes, obstructed fallopian tubes, occluded fallopian tubes, fallopian tube blockage, fallopian tube occlusion, blocked uterine tubes, blocked ovarian tubes, no peritoneal spill noted, non opacified fallopian tubes, distal blockage, proximal blockage, fimbrial occlusion, bilaterally blocked tubes, salpingitis, hydrosalpinx and more. Forced or delayed spill can be seen as potentially risky for ectopic pregnancy.

On the other hand: patent fallopian tubes, opacified tubes, free peritoneal spill on both sides, means that the tubes are open.

The Procedure to naturally unblock blocked fallopian tubes.

Why Use a Natural Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Top reasons to use the Felopio natural treatment to unblock the fallopian tubes.

      Heal the fallopian tubes, rather then bypassing them
      Completely safe without risks or side effects (unlike surgery)
      Allows natural conception
      The procedure is done from your own home
      Much more affordable and effective compared to surgery and other methods

Success stories: Women who unblocked their fallopian tubes with Felopio.

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