Hydrosalpinx Can Be Cured Successfullyy

Nothing to be afraid of. Hydroslapinx Does Not Spell an End to Your Dream of Starting a Family. The Felopio Treatment Will Help You to a Natural Pregnancy

The Felopio Treatment is Very Effective in Treating the Underlaying Conditions Resulting in Swollen Tubes

What is Hydrosalpinx?

Hydrosalpinx is a condition which causes the fallopian tubes to become blocked and swollen with fluid. Blockages from Hydrosalpinx can be partial or complete. Also referred to as salpingitis, the condition can affect one or both fallopian tubes. Hydrosalpinx is caused by infection and the infected fluid starts to accumulate inside the tube(s). The fluid is trapped by blockages on either side, so that the fluid has no place to go and the fallopian tube starts to swell. The tube may look like a sausage. Other terms used to describe hydrosalpinx are: infected fallopian tubes, swollen fallopian tubes, infected fluid fallopian tubes.

Hydrosalpinx – Removing the Fallopian Tubes Prior to IVF

Hydrosalpinx is not considered treatable in fertility clinics, so patients are usually referred to an IVF specialist. The removal of the tube or tubes affected by hydrosalpinx is often suggested or required prior to IVF. This suggestion is made because of the danger presented by the infected fluid leaking into the uterus greatly reducing the success rate of IVF. Hydrosalpinx can also cause a miscarriage in case of a pregnancy. The problem with removing the tubes affected by hydrosalpinx is that such a drastic measure is irreversible. It may increase the chances of IVF, but once the fallopian tubes are removed there is no hope of ever conceiving naturally. IVF becomes the only option. For this reason alone, all less drastic approaches should be examined and exhausted before removing the fallopian tubes.

Natural Treatment for Hydrosalpinx

Hydrosalpinx has been successfully treated on numerous occasions with Felopio. Our herbal treatment works on hydrosalpinx much the same way it works on any blocked tube.The treatment softens the blockages and the debris are removed from the reproductive system during the vaginal flushes. When all blockage on the proximal side (near the uterus) has been evacuated, the trapped fluid will drain out and the shape of the fallopian tube returns to normal. Many of the women who use Felopio to treat hydrosalpinx actually report the moment this fluid drains out. The treatment continues to work on the remaining blockages and eventually, the underlaying infection causing the tube to swell. Once the distal blockages are completely removed, the fallopian tube will function normally. At this point natural conception is possible once again.

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