What Are the Leading Causes?

Miscarriage can happen due to different reasons, some of those are: chromosome deficiency, infected fluid from hydrosalpinx, physical trauma, emotional stress, fibroids.

Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

Getting Pregnant after miscarriage can be difficult. This is because miscarriage can leave behind scarring in the womb and the fallopian tubes which prevent you from getting pregnant. This is especially true if a miscarriage happens in more advanced pregnancy. If you have tried to get pregnant unsuccessfully for some time after a miscarriage, there is good chance that you need to cleanse your womb and unblock your fallopian tubes in order to restore your reproductive ability.

Preparing for Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Felopio has been very effective in cleansing the womb and cleaning the fallopian tubes after miscarriages. The most important preparation that must take place is clearing the tubes of any scar tissue left from the miscarriage. Without free passage through the fallopian tubes pregnancy is all but impossible. The second part is restoring the womb. The wall of the womb must be free of scarring to make the womb a friendly and welcoming place for the embryo to grow. Felopio cleans the wall of the uterus to allow the embryo to implant without a problem.

Surgical attempts to clean the womb or unblock the fallopian tubes usually lead to the creation of more (than you started with) scar tissue and surgery should be avoided for that reason alone. Read more…

Using Felopio to help you get pregnant after miscarriage will greatly increase your chances of successful and healthy pregnancy. Felopio can unblock your tubes and restore your reproductive health without undesirable side effects.

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