Natural Treatment to Remove Scarring Caused by Surgery to the Fallopian Tubes

“Felopio is a natural treatment that removes scar tissue from the reproductive system and in doing so it helps women to a natural pregnancy.”

Doctors may recommend laparoscopic surgery to repair blocked fallopian tubes. Most of the time this type of surgery is unsuccessful and doctors may suggest going directly to IVF. With Felopio both, surgery and IVF, can be avoided.

Surgery and Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Surgery to the female repoductive system and the abdominal area is one of the leading causes for blocked fallopian tubes. Any time the body has been damaged, the buildup of scar tissue is a natural occurrence during the healing process. When trauma happens in the area of the reproductive system, it can lead to infertility. Just like a scar on the skin becomes thicker than the surrounding area, when scarring occurs in the fallopian tubes, it becomes almost impossible to get pregnant naturally. The fallopian tubes are very tiny and delicate organs and even the slightest amount of scarring can block them. Some of the surgeries that could lead to scaring of the fallopian tubes are:

      Delivery through C-section
      Tummy tuck surgery
      Laparoscopy to unblock already blocked fallopian tubes
      Fibroid removal surgery
      Ectopic pregnancy surgery
      diltion and curettage
      *Tubal ligation (tubes tied)
      *Tubal reversal (tubes untied)

*NOTE: Felopio does NOT work on tied or clamped fallopian tubes. A tubal reversal surgery must be performed to untie the fallopian tubes. If the fallopian tubes are blocked, following the tubal reversal, the Felopio procedure can be used to give the tubes an optimal environment to heal open without any scarring.

Laparoscopy and Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure which is recommended to unblock the fallopian tubes. For the above mentioned reasons, laparoscopy is rarely successful, as it tends to do more damage than good. Even when successful, it allows for a small window of opportunity to conceive – usually no more than two or three months. If pregnancy is not achieved during that period, the fallopian tubes start to close due to scarring caused by the healing process. The fallopian tubes may end up with more damages and severe blockages than before the laparoscopy. For these reasons many physicians no longer recommend laparoscopy, and it should be avoided altogether. Again, Felopio can successfully unblock your tubes.

Success stories: Women who unblocked their fallopian tubes with Felopio.

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