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Blocked Fallopian Tube Resources

  Wednesday, February 10th, 2016



Hi there! In this photo taken over thirty years ago; Michael (smaller one), with my brother and our mom Maria. We were born because of Felopio, as our mom also struggled with blocked fallopian tubes.

Interesting Fact

For those who are concerned that Felopio is a "new" and unproven treatment:

The first ever baby from IVF (baby in test tube) was born in 1978.

My first son was born naturally in 1976 because of Felopio.

The couple who was fortunate to have the first IVF baby could not conceive for 9 years because of blocked fallopian tubes. My husband and I tried for 8 years before Felopio unblocked my tubes and we conceived naturally.

You can also conceive naturally with Felopio.


Testimonials - Felopio Works

Please, read through various testimonials from other women who struggled with blocked fallopian tubes and were able to successfully conceive after Felopio. You are not alone and we are here to help.

See what kind of results you can expect to see just few days in the treatment cycle.

Date Posted: Nov 25, 2014

From: Nyarko A [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013
To: Maria
Subject: Happy Day

I was aware that there is a cure to any illness and that if you have not met the right herbalist, never conclude that your illness has no cure. With this psyche behind me, I embarked on a search for a cure for our problem.

When numerous attempts to conceive failed after marriage in June, 2008, our doctor recommended an HSG Test which results proved bilateral tubal blockage. Our doctor then recommended surgery but we declined. In an attempt to find a cure, we visited several fertility centers both modern and local/traditional but all to no avail. It was observed that most of the fertility centers visited concentrated on drugs/herbs that boost/improve fertility instead of drugs/herbs that will unblock blocked fallopian tubes. It was like pouring water on a rock with the expectation that the interior will get wet.

We prayed to God to connect us to the right herbalist who could unblock blocked fallopian tubes. The God who never forsake his children heard our prayers and unconditionally granted our wishes.

One day when my wife was surfing the net to explore other alternative means of cure for infertility, she found herself in the felopio website. We took keen interest in the website. I read all the testimonies and said to myself that if all the testimonies were factual then my wife and I must one day also testify in the felopio website.

After completing the 2nd package of felopio, there were still particles in the flushes. We kept communicating with Maria (the Herbalist God connected us to) who was quick in response to all our enquiries. She encouraged us to ensure that there were clear flushes for at least 3 consecutive days otherwise conception could lead to ectopic. We ordered the 3rd package and completed it religiously with particles still in the flushes.

We decided to opt for IVF because time was not on our side. We started counseling with a Gynecologist but upon a second thought, we concluded that IVF will be our last resort.

Eager to see clear flushes, we took delivery of the 4th package of felopio. After completing the 4th package (although with little particles still in the flush) we decided to do the HSG Test again. I called the hospital and booked appointment with the Laboratory Technician one month in advance of the appointed time for the test. Lo and behold my wife missed her menstrual period just within the period. We assumed it was one of those delays which eventually got us disappointed after few days because most of the medications made her menstrual period unpredictable. Like joke, I was in the office when my wife called to say a pregnancy text she had done proved positive. I was filled with joy.

I realized that what my grandfather told me some decades ago actually came to pass in my own life. Never conclude that your sickness has no cure until you met the right doctor/herbalist.

God has solution to any problem. One will only have to pray to Him to reveal to one the right person who has solution to one's problem. Some people get solution to their problems through Pastors, others through Gynecologists, Herbalists, Professional Counselors, Others through fasting and prayers, etc. No matter what your problem, there is always a solution. Never be despaired. I believe felopio is the solution to many fertility problems. My observation however is that after using the first package without any positive results most people stop. I believe this herb works for everyone provided one is able to achieve clear flushes.

In conclusion, I recommend felopio to all women who have tubal blockage problems. It has worked for my wife and it can work for you also. If you finish the 1st package without success never be despaired. Continue with another package because in no time you may be the one testifying and recommending felopio to others just as I am doing with my wife. Think not of the cost involved because the benefits of using this herb (felopio) far outweighs the cost of it. My wife is now 10 weeks pregnant. The ultra sound results shows everything is doing good.

Thanks Angel Maria. May God continue to widen your connections with mankind on mother earth. Words alone cannot express our gratitude. More grease to your elbow.

Paskal, Accra, Ghana.

Date Posted: Oct 6, 2014

From: Lauren [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2014
To: Maria
Subject: My Testimonial

Words can not describe our sincere gratitude to Maria and her family for bringing hope into our world over four years ago. Our experience of trying to conceive is too long a journey for this testimonial, but my husband and I were not about to give up hope after a heartbreaking conversation with my gynaecologist. My endometriosis was bad, my ovaries covered in cysts and my right tube completely blocked. I had spent a lifetime (17 years after my first diagnosis) of constant monitoring, multiple operations and little advice on how to conceive other than IVF. Anyone who knows this journey understands the roller coaster of tears and heartbreak including the never ending waves of hormonal outbursts!!!

We were still determined to conceive naturally as I always believed at some level, your body can heal itself with the right diet, exercise, herbs etc. During my search one evening I found the Felopio website. I had only heard of this method through a conversation with an acupuncturist, so knew very little of what it really entailed. I had read the many testimonials on Maria's website and to be honest, counted the cost of private IVF in the UK and thus decided to give my body time to heal and take Maria's instructions literally".

I was surprised by what I found in the bath each night during my flush which gave me confidence that stuff was moving, within six weeks of completing the course my husband and I conceived naturally. Unfortunately by week nine of my pregnancy I had a missed miscarriage. Tests run by my gynaecologist found an extra chromosome, and that my body didn't continue with the pregnancy. He did however give me some brilliant advice, not to wait before trying again. If you produce a period then your body is ready again. I had some tampons left from my first course of Felopio so I continued (after being convinced the first time around). A month after completing the remaining Tampons, I became pregnant with our Son. He was born two years ago, and is the joy of our life.

Felopio success story

My husband and I are honestly blessed to have our son, after such a long journey. For the record, during the first trimester of both pregnancies my gynaecologist confirmed that my right ovary released the egg, the same ovary that he had diagnosed blocked.

We honestly believe that our experience with using Felopio is how I was able to conceive at the age of 37, thank you so VERY much Maria and family. You gave us so much hope with the Felopio product, when we were heartbroken by my diagnosis.

Wishing anyone reading this, all the best and I honestly hope you have the same outcome that we have been so fortunate to have.

Lots of Love
Lauren and Paul

Date Posted: Sept 6, 2014

From: dammy a [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2011
To: Maria
Subject: Latest HSG result

Dear Maria, i saw clear flushing and decided to do another HSG, the result came back as bilaterally patent tubes and normal uterus. the doctor said everything looks ok to him and all the adhesions are gone.

Dammy A

Date Posted: August 13, 2014

Kasena used one kit.

From: Kasena[mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Subject: Felopio Unblocking Kit

I just wanted you to know that I am now 5 weeks pregnant!!!

United States

Date Posted: August 6, 2014

From: peggy oge[mailto:]
Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011
Subject: RE: Email From Website

Thnx alot maria,I was trying to keep it low till I finally put to bed n also send u pics of my baby.but all the same am glad to say am 5months gone n frm the scan done so far I was told I and my baby are doing pretty well so far n she just mgt be a girl frm the scan so far,but just trying to wait till the day which I belv is around d coner by Gods grace.

abv all I really want to thnk u for the privlg of gtng to knw u n ur product I would say u n God is my hero for making me have the oppurtunity to be an expectant mum,indeed am most gratiful I will Keep u posted on all the developmnt.

and as for the product I will soon call debby for one pack soon for my aunty so she also would try it too.and also I told some hospitals abt my stories n thy seems intrestd in the product

thnx n hv a wonderful day

Date Posted: July 30, 2014

Harriet used one kit for 22 days of treatment and her fallopian tubes were unblocked.

From: Harriet
Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2012
Subject: Felopio works

Dear Maria,I would like to thank God for you and he that made it possible for me to purchase your product. We have been trying to get pregnant for the last two years to no avail. When I finally did an HSG recommended by my Obgyn I discovered that my left tube was blocked and the right one was blurred.

This what the 1st result read (before using Felopio):

The right fallopian tube was visualized but with no peritoneal spill of contrast. The left tube was not visualized despite the high injection pressure that was used.

I purchased your product from Lillian after I had found your website and had seen several Drs. They had recommended hydrotubation, laproscopy, all these were very expensive and there was not guarantee. I thank God I was able to get you. When I called Lillian she immediately delivered the medication and showed me how to administer felopio.

I started medication on the 19th October 2012. On the 2nd day I started seeing white like stuff coming out and lots of residue when I flushed. This went on daily however, the day before my periods came there were few particles had my period on the 8th November 2012 and was done by 11th November 2012. I then decided to used the medication on the 12 and 13th.Still there were still tinny particles coming out. I decided to go for HSG scan today the 14th. And this is what the report read:

The uterine cavity appears normal. The fallopian tubes appear patent with free peritoneal spill of contrast medium on both sides.

My obgyn was very amazed and he immediately asked for Lillian's number which I gave him. I am so thankful because my tubes are now open.

Do I still go ahead with the medication Maria? Please advise.

Lots of Love,

Date Posted: July 24, 2014

Vivi used three jars to unblock her fallopian tubes from November 2010 to May 2011.

-----Original Message-----

From: vivi [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2011 9:31 AM
Subject: Felopio Unblocking Kit

From: Vivi

Message: Hi Maria,

I just want to let you know that my tubes are now patent. I repeated HSG test after using the third jar and the result showed patent tubes. Tanx for this wonderful product and your encouraging advice all through.

I am grateful.

Please I want to know if it will work for someone that her tubes were impaired by surgical operation.

Best regards.

We are so proud of Debbie's big boy and twins in Nigeria. Felopio babies keep growing in size and numbers.

Date Posted: July 22, 2014

From: [mailto:]
Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2014 4:35 AM
Subject: Felopio Unblocking Kit

Yami has used one kit in August and September.

From: Yami U.

Message: Hi maria
I just want to thank you for making lots of women to smile. Am 36 weeks gone , expecting my little flower ( baby girl) soonest. I used felopio between august and september 2013 . I travelled out of nigeria in october and the day my ovulation started , so nothing happened. In november I and my hubby mate and I conceived . Thank you maria and may God continue to bless and reward you for the good work. Best regards
Yami U.

Date Posted: July 18, 2014

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 4:17 PM
Subject: Hi

Dear maria,

Thanks so much you are God sent to us. I went for another HSG after using Felopio, this is what the result says
The demonstrated uterus has a regular outline.
Both fallopian tubes were demonstrated completely with free peritoneal spill.
Impression: Bilaterally patent fallopian tubes.

This is what the result read when I went for the first HSG before using Felopio.
The uterine cavity is small and fiancees.
The fallouts tubes are not demonstrated Bilateral tubal blockage.
Impression: Asherman's syndrome.

Please publish my result and God will continue to bless you.


Hi Maria its miracle,

we had a chat last year and I told you my problem of how I wasn't ovulating properelly and I also ordered your product when I used it I saw my periods and I stopped I ovulated normally which I didn't use to one month later I found out I was pregnant. That was in September last year I just gave birth to a baby girl last week, my friends saw the result and would like to order theirs please send me your account details and the amount in South African currency. Thanks and God bless you for ur good works.

TThnx alot maria,

I was trying to keep it low till I finally put to bed n also send u pics of my baby.but all the same am glad to say am 5months gone n frm the scan done so far I was told I and my baby are doing pretty well so far n she just mgt be a girl frm the scan so far,but just trying to wait till the day which I belv is around d coner by Gods grace.abv all I really want to thnk u for the privlg of gtng to knw u n ur product I would say u n God is my hero for making me have the oppurtunity to be an expectant mum,indeed am most gratiful I will Keep u posted on all the developmnt.and as for the product I will soon call debby for one pack soon for my aunty so she also would try it too. thnx n hv a wonderful day

Subject: my story! add to your blog


I am excited to tell you that your product worked for me! I had my tubes tied and after meeting my husband I had them untied. This left my Left tube occluded and my right tube and ovary caused much pain. I went to fertility dr and after many months of shots I had a baby girl but after wanting another child the dr did another hsg and noticed that my left tube was still completely blocked with scar tissue though my right tube was not blocked. I was having constant early pregnancy losses that could not be explained. I was having constant pain in my right side where my ovary was. I continued in pain for a long time. I wanted another baby so bad. I did research on the internet and found your site. I ordered your product. The worse thing is that the stuff does smell bad but We got through it. The first few flushes I did not see much but then, everyday I would see white tissue come out and around day nine I saw large amount of white tissue and red clots. This continued for another 9 days then it was back to small particles again. When I finished that month and got my period we decided to try and conceive. I noticed the pain in my ovary was gone!! I tracked my cycle and on my next ovulation I became pregnant! I was truly amazed. During this time I did stretches to soften my leg and abdomen area and massage my tummy every night along with using hot water bottle on my tummy to soften my stomach. I also took vitamins and herbs to help clean out my body. I am sure the combination caused such a quick response. After 7 years we finally got our little guy. I owe it all to your product. When the dr did the ultrasound he showed that we ovulated from the LEFT ovary!!! so exciting to have proof that your product worked to unblock the tube that was occluded for so many years. I know there are doubters out there but I need to say to them, How do you know if you do not try? This is a small amount compared to the thousands that the fertility dr charges and you will have more of a chance to get your little baby.

I am 42 with a baby. It is so exciting. Drs do not know it all. These herbs are powerful and they work!!. Thank you so much Maria for making and selling these products. Some times during the treatment I wanted to quit because the herbs make me feel uneasy and they had such a strong odor. Those days, when I wanted to quit I would just make 1/2 a tampon until the next day that I get more courage to go on. It was a tough month but it was well worth it. We got through it. I would stay home most of the month and keep my legs closed lol because of the odor. I think that is the only drawback. But you just have to be determined and want that baby as much as I did. If you want the baby so much you will do this to unblock your tubes easily and allow for conception to occur. My little son is proof that your product works. Thank YOU! Debbie

arrianna 709

Hi Maria,

My name is Christine from Nairobi, Kenya.

I trust you are doing well with your son Michael. Sorry it has taken me a long time to write to you. I finished my treatment in June 2011, and I was fearing to go for the test due to the fact that the first one that I did in August 2010 was too painful and the HSG test results then showed the left tube was totally blocked but the right tube was slightly open. I tried getting pregnant for the next six months but I couldn't coz my husband was travelling outside the country for a long time and doctors gave us options for surgery or IVF which we ruled out because they were damn expensive. All this time I was trusting in God that one day my tubes will be open.

I learnt about Felopio through the internet in February, 2011 and am very grateful to you and Michael because you were always there for me, whenever I ordered the treatment you used to send it so quickly, questions answered on the phone and e-mail promptly and I also thank the Almighty God coz I had finances to manage to get 2 packets. The treatment was a little bit uncomfortable but I had faith and determination. I went for my HSG test on 13th August, 2011 believe it or not the results showed both my tubes are open, no more blockage very clear. I could not believe it when the doctor told me, and also showed the results, which I have at home that are my testimony that miracles do happen. You don`t know how happy I am to the Almighty God because of His mercies and through you my tubes are veeeeeeery open. Now am waiting for my husband to me in December God willing and I shall keep you updated. Felopio works it has for me. All in all God is so faithful and have lots of faith now I will be able to have children.

I ask God in heaven to richly bless you. Hugs to you and Michael. Keep up the good work. You are God sent angel.



Hi Maria,

This is Julia from Nigeria. I am happy to inform you that I am six weeks pregnant. I am full of joy and I am glad I contacted you.

God is using you to make women like us to be fulfilled in life.

Thanks you so much



Dear Maria,

I thank God for my life. I thank God for you. I thank God for Lillian. This is to inform you that I bought your kit in October 2011 from Lillian in Uganda. I used as per your instructions and I want to let you know that I have finally conceived. If you can check some of my mails, I have been communicating to you but not taking the decision to buy the kit. I doubted like many do.

I got an ectopic in 2008 and I lost the left tube. After that I had never conceived again. When I went to my gynecologist (Lillian knows her very well), she informed me that I had to do hydrotubation. I did this for 3 times with no results. I refused to go for the 4th time. I decided to discuss with my husband about Felopio and he gave me a go ahead.

It's very funny but true. I missed my period on 11th of this January 2011 (last week). When I told my husband (he is a health worker) he anticipated that this was delayed due to hormonal imbalance because of a cyst. On Saturday 14th, we went to Kampala Imaging Center and the radiologist concurred with my husband that I had a cyst on my right ovary. The radiologist also informed us that I had a small fibroid in my uterus. I nearly collapsed but yesterday, I had courage to buy an HCG kit and I tested my urine. The results were 2 thick bars. I could not believe it. I went to a nearby clinic for confirmation and the report was REACTIVE.

I thank God above everyone. His mercies are forever. Thanks Maria for the wonderful treatment. Thanks Lillian to accept to make the treatment accessible especially here in Uganda. God bless you all.

Feel free to post it.

Cate, Uganda.

May I use this medium to share my experience with the majority of ladies out there who are despondent that there is hope, and equally extend my testimonies to medical practitioners all over the globe that there is an alternative to tubal surgery exemplified in my own experience with felopio.

I got married in July 2008 full of joy and enthusiasm to begin my own family. Six months after wedding my expectations hit a hard surface as pregnancy was far from it. I decided to seek for medical attention and after series of tests the doctor confirmed that my two tubes were blocked and damaged, that was the language he used.

However, I consulted another gynaecologist who took me round the same kind of examination and the result reads: Bilateral chronic salpingitis with hydrosalpinx on both tubes. The options given to me by all the medical experts I consulted were: adoption; IVF; and surgical operation which for surgical solution they said the success rate was just 2%. At this juncture all plans for my future family turns topsyturvy and the search for solution to my problem began.

In November 2009 while searching for solution my husband stumbled on a publication written by a scholar who uphold that the only way to unblocked fallopian tube is through surgery. He debunked the testimonies of others who claimed their tubes where unblocked through a non-surgical process. He further mentioned felopio and tried condemning the efficacy of felopio. It was from here we heard felopio for the first time and we started the search for it. This was the beginning of our road to success.

After going through felopio website, we contacted Maria who directed us to her representative, Deborah in Nigeria. We send for the kits it arrived sooner than we expected, and I immediately commenced the treatment that December 2009. The treatment took a long period owing to the fact that my case was critical. I was almost disgusted of continuing the treatment because I wanted immediate result. But the bottom line was patience since all cases were not the same. I continued the treatment for good 13 months i.e Dec. 2009 to Jan.2011. Just as I concluded the last treatment early Feb.2011 that same month I missed my period. I again visited a gynaecologist who recommended ultrasound test, there it was confirmed that I was 7 weeks pregnant. Well, this initially sounds unbelieveable and tears of joy ran through me. Now am in my third trimester (7months).

Maria, I thank you so much for your good work and I can conclude without any equivocation that felopio works and that tubes can be unblocked without surgery. May all glory be returned to the Almighty God for seeing us through.

Emmanuela F.

Hi Maria,

After an HSG test, we had the following report:

Uterine Cavity is outlined
Left tube is dilated with evidence of spillage
Spillage is also seen on the right

Conclusion: Bilateral tubal patency (Both fallopian tubes unblocked).

I will scan the Doctor's report and send the same to you in due course.

Thank you very much Maria, my wife and I are very grateful and do not know how to express our gratitude.

Anderson, Ghana

Please click on the letter to see and read a larger format testimony from Nigeria.

Hi Maria!!

Everything is going very well. Baby and I are doing well. We actually have a Midwife appointment his afternoon.

I am 35 weeks today!!! So hopefully we'll find out how baby is progressing and if I have started to dilate if any.

Dealing with the heat, I am very ready to have the baby but not until he's ready to come.

Otherwise, I have no complaints.

I've also been sharing my story with anyone that will listen. I've told them about Felopio and how your product along with prayer and trust in God allowed me the opportunity to experience something that was told to me that I would NOT be able to achieve naturally.

I just hope that I may have been a help in sending someone to you for them to one day experience the joy of pregnancy then motherhood.

Nicole L, U.S.A.

Read Nicole's journey to unblock her fallopian tubes.
Read Nicole's blog posts here

Its nice to hear from you, Maria it's been long time really.

I am glad to let you know that, i eventually make it. I am 31 weeks pregnant now and am expecting a baby boy.

Thank you for your help all is well with me.

Toyin, Nigeria

Hi Maria,

It is nice hearing from you. You guys are so great. I wanted to email you but I was waiting until I concieve. After I was through with the felopio treatment, I went to my Gyneocologist for a check up. I told her about the herbal treatment and she looked at me and said that cannot reach all the way up in your falopian tubes and smile like it was a joke. She send me to do a HSG and when the result came back I gave it to her she looked at it and said this thing really works. Both of my tubes are normal no more blockage. God bless you. I'm now working on getting pregnant, please pray for me.

Oh two doctors asked me for the felopio linked they are amazed.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Sarah, Antigua and Barbuda

Hi Maria,

Maria, Maria.
Pls how many times did I call you?
God is really using you to do miracle,
I just collected my result today, and behold my tubes are patent, See result:
Precontrast Exam: No soft tissue or osseous abnormality seen.
Contrast Series:
· Normal uterian cavity demonstration
· Normal patent cervical canal.
· Left and right fallopian tubes are demonstrated
· Bilateral but not copius contrast blushes at termination of tubes noted
· Tubal spasm may be responsible for sub optimal intra peritoneal spillages
· Mild intravasation of contracst seen.
CONCLUSION: Patent fallopian tubes.
Maria Please post my result on the internet for people to see that Fellopio works.
Im very happy to know my tubes are ok, I know God will also do his final work on me, so that I will smile like Debbie (see how Debbie used Felopio to unblock her fallopian tubes naturally).
Afolabi Jane

Hi Maria,

I did a hsg and the results showed that my tubes are no longer blocked, we are so excited and happy we just want to tell you thanks a million and may god continue giving you the health and strength to keep helping people like us. We would keep in touch and let you know our progress. Thank you again.

yours truly

C. & N. , USA

Hi Maria,

I am thilagam, Last year this time i Purchased fallopie product from u. I had blockage in both the fallopian tube i even went for IVF which was not successfuly, After using your product for one month my both the tubes are clear and i became pregnant within three months now i have a beautiful girl baby which was born on september 22nd. I write this mail to thank u for preparing this valuable medicinal product.

with luv,
Thilagam, China

Dear Maria,





Hello Maria,

May Almighty God bless you and your home. You are truely a saviour of our time. I should have write you since but I was very sick (morning sickness). Remember I told you I will be going for Laparoscopy but for my God and your help I didnt even need the lap any longer. After my below email to you I went to Africa on vacation so couldnt even use the remaining 20 tampon as advised. By the time I came back from Africa I found out am pregnant, believe me, that first 20 tampon really cleared and unblocked my tube. At the moment I am 4months pregnant and I have done my 3months scan which shows all is fine and good.

I am very happy and will continue to pray for your and your family. You will be blessed, God's giudance and protection will always be with you and your family. God definitely used you to dry my tears. I love you so much. Thank you very much. I will keep in touch. Please try to advertise your product very well through television, radio, newspaper and internet. Let the whole world know your product and I can assure you neither you nor the buyer will be disappointed. You will continue to grow in wisdom. Thank you once again.

Deola L., U.K.

Thanks..Thanks..and Thanks a lot Maria,

Can you believe it? Yesterday I performed another HSG test (i.e., dye test). My tubes were found all cleared. My doctor told me that everything is normal!!! Last time, my right tube could not be seen and my lef tube was found with adhesion and scar tissues at the far end.
Thank you very much Maria, I own you a big bow! By the way, should I continue using all the tampons you gave to me?
Thanks again and you are my hero.

Catherine W., Canada

Hi Maria,

This is Reda if you can remember me :-)
I stopped the treatment on 31/12/2008 and started taking Metformin which my doctor prescribed for about a month. I got my period on the 19th of February, 35 days after my last period and guess what??? I am almost 7 weeks pregnant now!!! I couldn't believe when the test which I did on the 27th of March showed positive because how many times I did the test before - that many times I used to get negative although every time I truly believed I might be pregnant. I am keeping up with the progress of my pregnancy week by week and I really can't believe what a miracle is happening inside me. I have a quite bad morning sickness all the day through but I know it will pass... I have an appointment with my midwife on the 28th this month and I am looking forward to it. I hope I will get through my pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. I can't express how grateful I am that I found you and started the treatment. Thank you, Maria, you are the best miracle that happened in my life!!
Best wishes,

Reda Z., U.K.

Hi Maria,

Thanks to you a million times.
As at the time my monthly period started, some particles were still coming out in the flushes but after my period I decided to go for HSG and to my greatest surprise my tubes were confirmed open.
Thanks once again
Warmest regards

O. M. Okafor, Nigeria

Dear Maria,

Hi! Me and my husband wanted to thank you and your website for helping us having a baby when we almost lost hope of having one. I am 36 years old and diagnosed with bilateral blocked fallopian tubes in the proximal area. My obgynae told me the day she discovered my condition that i can only have IVF to have a baby, and not even surgery could help. I did have a second opinion about having surgery but i was told the same. So we decided to try IVF, unfortunately the procedure was dicontinued because of some medical reasons. We were getting desperate as i am not getting any younger. While waiting for another consultation, i stumbled on your website. Although we have doubts of how it will work, i still bought the herbal mixture. And true to everyone's testimonies, i got pregnant after a month of using it. We bought three preg test kits to confirm and it all came out positive. We were very happy and over the moon of the findings. Although it takes a lot of faith, patience and determination using the herbal mixture, but IT'S ALL WORTH IT!. I already recommended using felopio to some of my friends with the same condition as i have. We waited to thank you until our baby is born, and our baby is the best christmas gift ever that we have as he's born on christmas day. Attached is his pictures. Once again thank you very,very much and God bless!

C. T., United States

Hi Maria

This is my story:
In June 2007 I got married. After one month I had miscarriage. Then my husband was in UK studying. When he came back, after two days I started having excrutiating pains in the lower part of my stomach. I went to hospital and my doctor told me that I had PID. After several treatment, the pain did not subside. I went to another hospital and I was told by another report that I may be having ovarian cyst. Other diagnosis reported no fallopian tube, hormonal imbalance. the final place I went to reported blocked fallopian tube. I had flushing of the tube by one gnaecologist and it did not go through. They penciled me down for operation. This put fear in me and i started searching for alternative to operation because my friends who had operation are still in the same situation. I had to go to internet to search for cure for blocked tube. The first website I opened was that of MARIA. I got home and discussed with my husband who quickly agreed with me. We quickly contacted MARIA and she gave us her details. We made the payment and believing GOD. The medicine we ordered for came much quickly than we expected. We started administering it because it is that simple. Immediately after 4 days, we started seeing particle coming out. For about 10 days, the flushing bucket became filled with large size particles. You can't believe what we saw. After one month, we werethrough with the drug. We had to wait for my ovulation period. Immediately it came, we met and I became pregnant in that month. I am now six months pregnant. I saw, used, and got result. Felopio is real. God is using MARIA to do miracles in our time.

Debbie. O., Nigeria

Debbie managed to unblock her fallopian tubes in 20 days.See how Debbie used Felopio to unblock her fallopian tubes naturally.

Hi Maria, I am really sorry I didn't call you for a long time...We wish you a Happy New Year and all the best in your life!! This Christmas was our best of our life because I am three months pregnant and I still can't believe it! I was going to tell you; but I wanted first to see that it is going well. We are going to convince two couples to buy this magic product and who are very disappointed. I would like to thank you once again and we will be in touch with you.

Evi K.,Greece

hi maria,
i have my ultrasound jan.24 and my adenomyosis is gone already,i suffered from adenomyosis since 2004 and my obgyne suggested to remove my uterus but i refused,thanks that i saved my uterus by using felopio. The sonologist was shocked because my last ultrasound was sept.2008 and after using felopio,i started dec.2008 ,it is completely gone,thank you for this wonderful herb. bye.

Gracie N., Philippines

Thanks Maria!!!

After years of endometriosis and 2 laparoscopies I was only ever able to have one child. Recently I was told that my fallopian tubes were blocked, one was completely and the other was over half. I was told to consider IVF, surrogacy, and adoption. However I just wanted to conceive on my own, so I surfed the web and came across this product. I used Felopio in June 08 for one month it is now sept 1 08 and I am happy to say I am almost 8 weeks pregnant. What a miracle!!! This product is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone in need. Thank you so much!!!!!!

S. C., Canada

Hi Maria,

i wanted to quickly write it in commend you on your amazing product. i've been using felopio for 3 weeks now, and began seeing pieces of tissue coming out on my first night. by my second week, i was releasing large pieces of tissue- i couldn't believe my eyes, but it made our struggles for conceiving apparent. for a week now, my flushes have been either clear or almost clear (some small pieces). i feel like i'm just about cleaned out within 3 weeks, which is amazing considering that both of my tubes had different issues (hydrosaplinx in one and partial blockage in the other). i actually used felopio along with accupuncture and chinese herbs in hopes of expediting the process, but the felopio tampon was clearly the most direct and effective treatment of the three that i combined. thank you for doing what doctors could not. it's a shame that the medical field is not (correct me if i'm wrong) taking advantage of your product. i hope that in the future standard medicine combines these types of hollistic approaches to their regiment.... the public is missing out on key information and products without this connection.

thanks again for a miraculous product.

E. J., U.S.A.

I also spoke to my cousin [Dr. Lee] who is an Herbalist/Naturopath/Oriental Medical Doctor [O.M.D.]: he states he has recommended FELOPIO to about 5 or 6 patients [with blocked tubes], and ALL but 1 was able to successful "unblock" their tube [confirmed by HSG or pregnancy]. This is a very good percentage-success, though anectdotal.

Dr. Steve

Read the full web page from Women's Health on here.

Hi Maria,

Hi Maria, Things cotinue to go well. I have had seven days of good flush. No more really big things like the first three days, but still a lot in the flush. Tonight was the first night where there actually started to be less.

It just seems amazing to me that the herb concotion travels so far into the fallopian tubes!

Michelle, U.S.A.

Hi Maria,

I started my therapy with Felopio and am in the 21th day.The results were exciting!I have seen 12 wormlike big things till now,but things are getting better now.I am gonna send you some interesting photos in a few days.

Congratulations for this miracle!

E. K.

Hey Maria,

Last night in the flushings, I saw even more stuff comming out of me. I'm extremely satisfied and happy that it's working. I was affraid that it wasn't real but it is! My boyfriend as well as my friends are very happy for the progression that is being made. I am continuing to see the flaky dead skin coming out in the flushing in addition to the noodle pieces as well....I hope I continue to see more.


S.B., U.S.A.

Hello Maria! I'm on day 15 of the treatment and wanted to let you know that I got bigger pieces coming out of me with the flushes the last 2 nights. Up until tonight, all of the flat "skin-type" pieces have been yellow, but tonight a few of them where white. They can be rolled up between the fingers and don't fall apart. There is still a lot of little white feathery sediment-type things on the bottom of the bowl too. Each night I probably get anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of stuff coming out of me (if it were dry and piled together). I haven't had a low backache for the last 2 days either, so that's good.

I am amazed that all of this keeps coming out every night!

T.B., U.S.A.

Testimonial from P.H. who had both tubes severely blocked with scar tissue.

P.H. was advised by her acupuncturist and OBGYN not to use Felopio because she will surely get an infection. She however decided to listen to my advice and use the 100% natural herbal kit. Now two months later she shared this with me in an email:

"Maria: I am so happy. The HSG showed that my left tube is completely unblocked. Unfortunately the right one is still blocked. What do you recommend? I am very thankful, please tell me your opinion... "

She continues treatment with her second Felopio round and is on her way to unblocked her right tube as well.

I am coming along just fine. Every night when I do the flush, I see white little worm like things. They look like little rolled up toilet paper residue almost. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis and I have had two laproscopic surgeries to remove adhesions in the past. Every month, once I ovulate, I experience severe pain from my right ovary. I usually have to rub clary sage therapeutic grade essential oil on my side and it usually subsides after a while. Well, clary sage is not OK for pregnant women so I have slowed down on using that.

This month, it is now day 20 for me and I have noticed that I have not had any pain whatsoever. I am quite excited about the whole process.

Also, how often should a woman do this process. I can see it being a good thing to do once a year or so.

Antoinette N., Nigeria

i used 24 tampons and during flushes i saw some sluffy stuff like old egg white; some sturffs that i cannot even describe. flushes cleared within 72hrs before my period and the flow has been very smooth. i haven't have such flows for a very long time, very bright with lots of dark red lumps.

i have my fingers so crossed praying to God for miracle to happen on my side.


After several tests in 1997, I discovered that my tubes were blocked, and needed an operation to clear them. I refused to go under the knife for personal reasons.

Actually it was my husband who found this site, he sent me the link to check out and see what I think of Felopio.

When I was first reading it, of course I was skeptical, I even had a friend look at the site and review what it offers. Her concern, like mine, was what was in the product? Nonetheless, time was against me, and I wanted to have a baby, to do everything to make myself ready. We purchased the product and amazingly enough it worked!

The process is very simple, but you have to stick with it. After two weeks you will be asking yourself "Why am I doing this again"? I wanted to stop because I could not literally see or watch my tubes unblock, but I stuck with it because getting pregnant was most important to me.

The hardest part was the waiting for the results, but it was well worth it. Success came with the first month of using Felopio. The product works, and I would recommend it to anyone in similar situation to try it before going for an operation or giving up hope.

Alexis L.

Hello Maria, just want to say thanks and may God bless you for introducing such a wonderful and powerful medicine it really helped. My wife is pregnant!

Errol O.

Thank you for sharing Felopio with me. After 12 years of trying, my prayers have been finally answered, I will always remember you. If my baby is a girl I will name her Maria.

Adriana T.

Dear Maria. I was afraid to speak too soon, but wanted to let you know that two weeks ago I successfully delivered a healthy boy. I am so happy and thankful to you. May God bless you for your kindness!

Jill E.
San Diego, USA

Hi Maria , this is Harinder again and I want to thanks to you with all my heart and soul because my tube is open I just had it checked yesterday, even my doctor was very surprised, he was asking me to give your adress so he can refer more patients to you but I want to get your okay first, if you dont mind than I will give it to him. and as soon as I have my first baby I am gona send you the best gift I can effort to give you, once again thanks for everything.

Harinder K.

Hi Maria,


Okay let me try to explain it... When i first started the treatment the flushes were alot. As the days went on it got more and more clear. Then it was completely clear for about 4 days. The last night before my period came down... I did the flush and to my surprise there alittle bit of white stuff came out. The next day my period came down.

After we talked i was surposed to use the remainder of the treatment... but i was discoraged... and i didn't use the remainder of the herbal treatment. I'm having surgery on my knees tomorrow morning and decided to see a specialist to clear my tubes tomorrow morning. I wanted to have both surgeries done while i was put asleep.

My regular OBGYN scheduled me for the HSG from last week. After the hospital called me to remind me of my 2pm appointment today i decided to go after all its only $70 for the HSG. After the doctor at the hospital completed the HSG, you have to wait for about 15 minutes and they give you the report to carry to you OBGYN. I took it to my doctor and he was amazed... then i went to see the specialist and showed him the report... He was AMAZED... He said okay, well i guess you will only be having knee surgery tomorrow becaue you tubes are completely clear.

Kind regards,


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