Introduction to the Felopio blog

Hello Dear Felopio users!

Over the past 5 years while offering this amazing herbal medicine I’ve been able to get to know many women who are now going through the same struggles that I was in my younger years.

Many women continue to ask and wonder about whether Felopio really works. While women continously share their success stories with me, it seems that many people are opposed to the herbal treatment and refuse to give it the credit it deserves. While women have tried to post their Felopio experiences on different forums on the internet, it seems that any positive feedback on our herbal tampons is quickly removed.

This is the reason I’ve asked my sons to create this blog for myself, the other women who have already used Felopio and any women who are struggling with blocked fallopian tubes.

I encourage you to post your experiences and questions here so that this information is available to any woman that could benefit from the use of the Felopio herbal treatment.

Soon my sons will be emailing all of you your usernames and passwords so that you are able to participate in this blog and post your comments, experiences and questions.

I look forward to our continued relationship.