My Story.

Dear Maria,

I would like to share my story with the other ladies who fall upon your web-site in the hope that there is something out there,something surely, that is an alternative to tubal surgery!

My husband and I started trying for a family when I was 33. A friend of mine suggested a book to me by Toni Weschler called ‘Understanding your fertility’. ( What a great read! ) I read it from cover to cover and conceived that very first time! At 7 weeks pregnant I miscarried. We tried again after a few weeks and I conceived again that first month. At 11 weeks pregnant I turned up at the hospital for my dating scan to find out that the baby had died and the pregnancy wasn’t viable. This was not the news I was expecting! The doctors suggested a D and C, which I had the following day.

After about 3 months we tried again, and, thanks to the knowledge I had from Toni Weschler’s book, I conceived again immediately. This time I carried the baby to term and had a healthy baby boy.

I suffered my 3rd miscarriage at our first attempt to have a second child. I was about 9 weeks pregnant. We tried again 4 or 5 months later and this time I carried the baby to term again. I had a second healthy little boy.

About 18 months later we decided we would like to try for a third child. We tried, and tried, and tried. My cycles were irregular, sometimes I thought I was pregnant and then 2 days later I had a period, other times I had a period every 2 – 3 weeks. I referred to my book constantly and realised I was not ovulating. I decided to see my consultant gynaecologist in the hope he could identify the problem.

I had a progesterone test to start with and discovered it was a little on the low side so I was prescribed Clomid and advised to take one tablet to ‘kick-start’ the ovaries again. After 2 or 3 months there was no pregnancy and so I increased the dosage to 2 tablets. Still, to no avail, did I get pregnant, and so, after being on Clomid for 7 months at this stage, I was advised to increase the dose to 3 tablets after results showed that the progesterone levels had hit rock bottom! My hormones went berserk and so did my moods! I was a raging lunatic for a couple of weeks, but it finally did the trick! I was pregnant! Sadly, at my 10 week dating scan I, again, found out that the baby had died a week or so earlier. I miscarried that night.

A couple of months later we tried again, and with the help of Clomid again, we conceived. I miscarried at 8-9 weeks.

My consultant advised us to have a break for the time being and recommended I have the tests done for recurrent miscarriage at his clinic. All the test results appeared normal, indicating that there was no underlying reason for all the miscarriages I had had. I then had a HSG. I suspected something was not right when I saw some of the images on the screen above me. My thoughts were confirmed when I received a letter from my consultant suggesting I made an appointment to go and see him as there was the possibility one of my tubes may be blocked! He wanted to investigate further and carry out a laparoscopy, in the hope that if there was a small blockage he could flush it out in the same operation. I agreed to have the operation.

The result was a huge shock to me. I was informed that one of my tubes was totally blocked and that initially it was thought the second was also, but that they had finally managed to get a couple of drops of dye through. They had been unable to flush the blockage out as they had originally hoped. I was told my options were to try again naturally, though not wholly recommended as there was a high risk of ectopic pregnancy, or, to have open surgery on the tubes to cut them and release the blockage. I was horrified. I had never expected to hear this outcome.

Over the next few days as the realisation sank in, my emotions and thoughts started to level out. I decided that I really didn’t want the surgery as the more I read up on the subject on the internet, the more I realised that it wouldn’t work for me. I had had severe scar tissue from the cesarean section I had previously had  and it made me realise that if I did go down the route of tubal surgery that the tubes would probably be blocked from the scar tissue resulting. The thought of a major operation didn’t appeal anyway; especially the post op discomfort that would be inevitable with open surgery. I decided to do some research into the possibility that there was an alternative remedy.

Felopio kept grabbing my attention on the internet. I found a few web-sights which had interesting information about alternative solutions but they all recommended massage as well as the herbal tampons and all the clinics seemed to be in the U.S. There was nothing local to me here in the U.K.

I had an appointment to see my consultant and went prepared to tell him my plan. He listened with great interest. He was fascinated with the information I had and suggested after doing the course with the Felopio tampons, that he could do another laparoscopy to check the tubes again. He thought at least the herbs would loosen the blockages therefore enabling him to flush them out, if not, he could try a cannula procedure. Failing that, he could do open surgery under the same anaesthetic, if I so wished. I felt a little more positive about the whole situation.

I did not have a period for 50 days after starting the Felopio course. I carried on with the procedure without a break until I finally ran out of supplies of the fabric squares. I tried in vein to get more here in the U.K but none of the local pharmacy’s had anything like them. The flushes at this stage were actually almost clear and I almost reluctantly decided that I had to leave it at that. Then I finally got my period 2 days later.

I called my consultant and arranged to go into the hospital for the laparoscopy on what was day 11 of my cycle. I also decided, just in case, to take just one of the Clomid tablets for days 2 – 6 as recommended previously. Before I even made it to the recovery room my consultant woke me and was so excited to tell me that the tubes were totally clear and that both he and his anaesthetist had been astonished. He said that his anaesthetist had worked with him for many years and that they had never seen anything like it! I was elated!

There’s no time like the present to get going again! Despite being sore post op, I knew I was around the time of ovulaton and 3-5 days later we tried again! Two weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test! I couldn’t believe it! Neither could my consultant! I am now in my 25th week and everything is going well.

Felopio was the ‘something out there’ that I had hoped for and it changed my life. Did it also have an effect of ‘renewing’ my fertility levels as I had no problem ovulating after completing the course?…