Testimony No. 2

Hi Maria,
10 months before July 2009, my two fallopian tubes were diagnosed to be blocked. I stumbled into Felopio.com and quickly contacted Maria who sold their kit to me and it worked. I became pregnant the moment I was through with the one month treatment, because i followed it conscientiously. Thereafter I had my first baby. Before I planned for my second pregnancy, I used Felopio again because i was told it has no side effect. The month after the treatment, i became pregnant and according to the scan, it was twins – boy and girl. In March, 2011 I was delivered of the twin babies. Good to tell you that mother and children are in excellent health condition. God is working, Maria is working and Felopio is working. Their names are Jason and Ashley. I give God all the glory.
Debbie. O. Nigeria

Debie's twins
Debbie's twins