Feeling Excited

I’m Amie Capule from Philippines. I’m 37 years old and married for 4 years. I am new with Felopio family and I’m excited to receive my Felopio package. Maria says that I will received the package this coming June 25 or 26.  My Doctor says that she needs to do again a Laparoscopy procedure to remove my Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and to correct my Left blockage fallopian tube. While I was thinking and reflecting of what will I do, will I proceed with the surgery or not. Then I came to research through internet about alternative ways on how to resolve my condition.  I cross the site of Felopio, my heart beats fast and fascinated with the testimonies of how they were cured and successfully became pregnant with Felopio. Looking forward for a miracle to happen in my life. I will start my felopio journey the soonest. I will keep you posted of my next write up.

I first realized my tubes were blocked when i tried to conceive in 2007. I went to my gynaecologist who then recommend that i do a HSG to see what was wrong. The results later proved that i had bilateral blockage at the origin. I was told by my gynaecologist that my only chance of getting pregnant was through the IVF, which is very expensive and involved a lot of time. But i didn’t lose hope because i knew that there must be another way around it. At that time i was very young so i knew time wasn’t against me.

In 2010 (three years later) i was recommended to another specialist who recommended me to do a Laproscopy exam. This proved that everything was ok  with my reproductive system, other than the fact that there was a little blockage. I was told by the Doc who administered this exam that its a 50/50 chance of me getting pregnant, and if it didn’t work i should come back and let him put me on to a IVF  specialist. Unfortunately Nothing happened. So i was still searching for something that would work for me since i wanted to have a normal pregnancy.

I tried all kinds of herbal medicines and teas which did nothing for me. At this time i was becoming stressed and down-hearted  because it was now time for me to start bearing children since i was getting older.

In 2013 i went searching on the internet for a remedy and to my delight I found “Felopio”. As i went through the website i read about all the benefits its history, I felt confident with the product even though i haven’t seen or heard of it before. But it wasn’t just the benefits that convinced me to buy but the awesome testimonials from women all over the globe that used it had to say about the product. At first i thought it was expensive but compared to doing an IVF treatment it was just a drop in the bucket. Always trusting God I was willing to take the risk of spending that much money on something I’ve never used before. So i told my spouse about it, he wasn’t all for it but i insisted on buying it so we gave it a try.

We ordered it in October 2012 and we got it sooner than we expect. We were able to get it the same month so I was able to use it the following month after my period. I started my first cycle on Nov 12,2013. During and after the first cycle I was amazed of what i saw in the flushes and what it did for me. I was still seeing the white particles in my flushes, and since i was advised that it would take a few days of clear flushes to declare my tubes unblock i continued in Dec with the treatment. By then i started to see more white particles in my flushes until my kit was empty and the cycle complete. I knew i had to purchase another kit even tho it takes time, patience and more funds. I’m now waiting on my second kit.

I pray the Lord will continue to bless and keep Maria Michael and rest of the crew to keep helping infertile women like myself and giving them new hope to life.

Still remaining positive and trusting God to do great things in my life as he did for other women.


My testimony

I just wanted to give thanks to our Lord above for blessing my family with this little miracle baby that was born on February 11, 2015 ! I struggled for many years with blocked fallopian tubes and have had four miscarriages due to the fact that the baby was getting stuck in my fallopian tube which as a result I had to have my right tube removed and was told by a doctor that I would not be able to get pregnant the natural way because my left tube was also damaged.  He told me I would have to have IVF treatments or surgery.  Hearing this from the doctor broke my heart I remember feeling empty and very hurt. The cost of IVF was too expensive for us to afford and it would take years for us to save the amount of money that was required plus the treatment and surgery just seemed too risky with no guarantee in the end that it would work. I decided to do some googling and stumbled upon this website at first I was skeptical I literally read almost every testimony and all the information provided on the website and still didn’t believe that this could work for me so I put off the thought of a baby for a year. Well last year proved to be the year of faith and determination.  I purchased the kit in February of 2014 and it arrived really fast actually faster than I expected. Once I received the kit I started using it immediately my first thought was how horrible the smell of the tampons was and the commitment it was going to take to complete the kit seeing it specifically tell you NO sex is allowed and this is a daily devotion. I knew the tampons were working  after the first five days I started to notice what looked like white tissue particles in my flushes some nights it was a lot and other nights not so much. Needless to say I completed the kit! I got married in late March and found out I was pregnant June 9th! We were excited to find out that the baby had safely made it to the uterus and progressing normal and due for arrival on February 15, 2015! We are over joyed and just wanted to give our gratitude and deepest thanks to Maria for helping women like myself experience natural conception and motherhood.  You are changing lives and being a vessel from the Lord to be a blessing to others just like me.  I encourage any woman that is struggling with this same problem that it is safe and it works! My heart is humbled and life have changed since giving birth I feel a incredible amount of confidence and completion. We are blessed beyond words.

Best Regards,

Melissa and Leon