Joy of a mom to be! 😊

Hello readers.

It is with a great joy that I’m once again posting some more positive news.
I just started my third trimester and there are only two more months left to go before I can hold my little baby. Oh, I can’t wait for that dawn to come, am so excited! My life is about to take a tatal transformation!
I can’t forget to say that so far I have had a normal journey with no complications but just the usual pregnancy accompanying discomforts. My uterus is in good shape together with the other features that are accommodating the baby. I’m having very weird but joyous movements and kicks 😊 in there and it gives this wonderful feeling, I lack the best word to describe what I feel.

I’m overwhelmed to know that some women who have their tubes blocked and who are otherwise suffering from other reproductive conditions are trying Felopio as an option and soon they will be carrying their babies, just like me. Some have contacted me in person while others have read about me. My word to them and to all those who are thinking of trying this (miracle herb) as I call it, is that it is a God given solution to our reproductive health issues that are making us ‘infertile’

INFERTILE (whether primary or secondary) – I hate the way it sounds because it was once used on me and it felt very unfriendly, to be honest. Anytime someone mentioned it when referring to women who are unable to conceive not necessarily pointing me I felt not loved or wanted by the world.

However, I want to once again thank the Felopio Family for making the great effort to creat awareness to the women all over the world who are struggling to bear children, that apart from the expensive, uncertain and complicated medical procedures to fight infertility there is the affordable, simple and sure methods of opening our tubes, getting rid of cysts and fibroids, reducing menstrual pains and enjoying sexual intimacy more not forgetting that it generally improves the whole reproductive system by strengthening all the involved parts.

It’s a good work you are doing @felopio, I pray for you to remain strong even during this difficult time of COVID-19.
I’m looking forward to celebrate my Felopio baby with you, friends!