Lives of many have changed, mine being one of them after using Felopio.

It is eight months now since I brought my little girl into this world. It reminds me of what the felopio solution did. It felt like waking up from a bad dream when I tried to comprehend what doctors had told me versus what felopio had done when I went for my recheck test. Motherhood feels great for the first time moms and greatest for the women who fight infertility only to conceive later, regardless of age. I can’t wait to hear my baby’s voice shouting “mummy” for the first time! How joyous moment it will be! I feel really
very proud when people say she resembles my looks.I can’t help saying that she has brought joy in my life. I thank my maker for the gift of parenthood as I pray for a break through to my fellow sisters who are fighting this complication and mostly those who are on felopio.

Some ladies have reached me for confirmation purposes-if I’m a real person and not a fairytale.I have taken the responsibility to share with women/couples who are in doublt if this is a genuine product and if it really does what the manufacturers say about it. I have talked to them deeply about my experience with this solution and how things went later on. Being in need to purchase the kits they bought and are currenly on treatment. I believe what will follow is celebrations in their homes together with more testimonies.

I can’t ignore the fact that there is the fear of tring new products in the market especially those that are health related. I’m talking about the medicines from hospitals and the herbal products altogether, due to their safety questions. I also had the fear of trying felopio at first and that made me almost to drop that idea. I was confused if I really wanted to buy it or whether to forget about it and move on. Michael convinced me that there would be no side effects at all and after a careful thought about the given explanations I made up my mind and ordered a kit. It was just one kit which went for two cycles and did all the wonderes that followed.

I used my solution with a great conviction that it would work for me just like how they show in a demonstration – somewhere in their link. It went like, there were blocked tubes, a felopio herbal tamopon was inserted through the vagina and the blockage cleared day by day from the affected tubes.I used to imagine that was what this herb did to me and it turned to be the actual thing that went on during my duration of use.
I tell women with alot of confidence, because I’m 100% sure of felopio, to give it a priority and use it immediately they discover their tubal blockages before the can go for alternative methods.

I thank the Felopio Family again for making this product in large amount so that it is available globally. I cannot also forget to appreciate their effort of packing it in smaller and affordable amounts for monthly use, so that no one in need will be left out.