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Testimony No. 2

Hi Maria,
10 months before July 2009, my two fallopian tubes were diagnosed to be blocked. I stumbled into and quickly contacted Maria who sold their kit to me and it worked. I became pregnant the moment I was through with the one month treatment, because i followed it conscientiously. Thereafter I had my first baby. Before I planned for my second pregnancy, I used Felopio again because i was told it has no side effect. The month after the treatment, i became pregnant and according to the scan, it was twins – boy and girl. In March, 2011 I was delivered of the twin babies. Good to tell you that mother and children are in excellent health condition. God is working, Maria is working and Felopio is working. Their names are Jason and Ashley. I give God all the glory.
Debbie. O. Nigeria

Debie's twins
Debbie's twins

This is my story

In June 2007 I got married. After one month I had miscarriage. Then my husband was in UK studying. When he came back, after two days I started having excrutiating pains in the lower part of my stomach. I went to hospital and my doctor told me that I had PID. After several treatment, the pain did not subside. I went to another hospital and I was told by another report that I may be having ovarian cyst. Other diagnosis reported no fallopian tube, hormonal imbalance. the final place I went to reported blocked fallopian tube. I had flushing of the tube by one gnaecologist and it did not go through. They penciled me down for operation. This put fear in me and i started searching for alternative to operation because my friends who had operation are still in the same situation. I had to go to

internet to search for cure for blocked tube. The first website I opened was that of MARIA. I got home and discussed with my husband who quickly agreed with me. We quickly contacted MARIA and she gave us her details. We made the payment and believing GOD. The medicine we ordered for came much quickly than we expected. We started administering it because it is that simple. Immediately after 4 days, we started seeing particle coming out. For about 10 days, the flushing bucket became filled with large size particles. You can’t believe what we saw. After one month, we were through with the drug. We had to wait for my ovulation period. Immediately it came, we met and I became pregnant in that month. I am now six months pregnant. I saw, used, and got result. Felopio is real. God is using MARIA to do miracles in our time.
Debbie O.

big boy
big boy