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I’m 37 years old & My husband & I have been married for 17 years. We love the outdoors camping, skiing, & riding 2 wheelers. I’m a outgoing & down to earth country girl who is just trying to have more whittle babies

First Part of My Story

Hello my name is Susan & I’m from the US. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 17 yrs. I have had 1 child naturally at a very young age thereafter when I met my wonderful husband is when I discovered both of my tubes were blocked. I have endured along road in the 17 yrs we have been trying to conceive. My journey started with a HSG upon like all most find out. We went to a IVF doctor who told me they could do a procedure called laparoscopy. I wish I wouldn’t have now but, me not being thoughtful at the time on what the outcome could be & young 25 years old, i just thought WOW!!! I would be able to conceive naturally again. Well that totally backfired in my face. We were told my tubes were open & we had 5yrs to try to conceive & the my tubes would more than likely close back up again. Well on a second note we tried for a year & nothing was happening so, we went back to the doctor once again the doctor did another HSG and guess what? Ask what? They were closed again & on top of that even more scar tissue had developed. So much for a promising surgery uh, after getting over the fact that the surgery was not a success we took some yrs off of trying. One day about 3yrs ago from today my husband & I thought why not try IVF. Well soon after the discussion my husband & I set another appointment to talk to the IVF doctor soon to follow we were on way going through IVF. Once again in that process he did another HSG & we were told my tubes were blocked but, luckily they don’t have to remove them due to me not containing any fluid. We had good sperm count, good egg quality, & with a 80% chance of having a baby. We did the first transfer & guess what? I GOT PREGNANT.. Yay Right? as soon as we found out the BFP. We had lost it. They called it a chemical pregnancy. We went for transfer #2. We got pregnant & same thing we lost it. So much & time took a toll us mentally. One day about 2 months ago I thought to myself as I was sitting on the couch “it is year 2020 surely by now there has to be a natural remedy to help my tubal blockage, that is when I sat on the couch & started the research. I then come upon the website for the Felopio treatment. I read every single thing I could find on the treatment. Some good & some bad. I discussed with my husband that same night I reached out to Felopio when there is when Michael responded. I ask him so many questions “Thank You Michael”. Of course I was skeptical about it but, who wouldn’t be. I told Michael my condition ad he told me that it may take more than 1 treatment due to my condition. I ordered the 40day convenience kit. It arrived very quickly. I was able to start immediately due to just getting off my menstrual cycle. I started seeing results within the first 3 flushes. I cannot believe at the amount of scar tissue that were in & around my tubes. I would feel cramps in my abdominal area, My menstrual cycle had started. I could feel a difference in my abdominal cramps after the first cycle. When I began my second cycle of the treatment I now feel a warm sensation around my uterus area & It’s like I can feel it healing. I’m still in my second cycle with 11 herbal tampons left. I almost flushed for 2 days at clear but, on the third more scar tissue began to release but, that’s ok & been though I’m still not getting clear flushes I know it will soon. I may have to order another jar & thats ok. The blogs from other women that has used the Felopio treatment has helped with keeping me patient, they have been really ice to read. Sometimes I read them over & over. I may have not gotten clear flushes yet but, I can really tell by my body & the changes I feel that this is going to work. This is the first part of infertility story & I will keep everyone up to date on my progress. Thanks for reading. “Shout out to the Felopio family for giving women a 2nd chance” 03-06-2020