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My experience with Felopio

Hello Ladies,

Please allow me to introduce myself – I’m Tara and I first used Felopio over a year ago.  I would like to tell you all the ways it has helped me so far.

I was diagnosed with blocked tubes after a tubal reversal surgery, Asherman’s syndrome (scar tissue inside the uterus) and Adenomyosis.  After seeing a couple of RE’s who were absolutely no help, I finally took the plunge and decided to order Felopio, and I’m really glad I did.

I used to have alot of spotting problems – sometimes more than 10 days before my period started, and now I only spot 1-4 days before.  I used to have alot of pelvic pain after ovulation every month, and now it hardly bothers me at all.  My lower back ached so often I wanted to cry, and now it only hurts the day my period starts.  I used to have horrible ovulation pains for 2 or 3 days solid, and now it only lasts about half a day.  I used to have to eat Ibuprofin like candy for 3 days after my period started due to the horrible uterine cramps, and now it might only bother me for one day or less, and the pain is much less intense.  I used to have fibrocystic breast condition and my breasts would get all hard & lumpy between ovulation and my period, and now it has been over 5 months with no hard & lumpy breasts!  I’m not sure how Felopio did that, but it was the only thing I was doing different so it must have had an effect somehow.

Maria’s website says it should take 7-10 days to start seeing particles coming out in the flushes, but I started seeing particles my 2nd day of the very first flush.  I have gotten alot of scar tissue “peeled-off dead-skin” looking particles out with the treatment, from tiny to nickel-size.  The big pieces have to be coming from my uterus, and at my last HSG my doctor said there were “no filling defects”.  Before Felopio, there were “multiple filling defects” with all the uterine scar tissue inside there.

My flow used to be thick and clotty, and now even that has gotten better.  I haven’t seen a clot in months now so I feel good about that too.

Maria says I’m a really tough case for her with all my problems, but she has been very supportive and helped me stay determined to finish this. After the first couple of months I wanted to give up, but Maria knew my case was really compicated and urged me to continue… and like an angel, she started sending it to me for just the shipping cost!  If Felopio can help someone with tubes blocked by scar tissue, Asherman’s syndrome and Adenomyosis, it should be able to help anyone with only blocked tubes for sure.   I still have not gotten the 3-4 days of clear flushes, but I plan on continuing until I do.

I would love to chat with anyone about Felopio – Hope to talk to some of you soon!