Block Tube testimony

Hi maria,

Its nicole from jamaica, I started to use Felopio in june and I have seen were I got results.

I usually feel a stitches like crawling feeling and pain all the way up in my left side, after using felopio on day 10 of the treatment I saw yellow puss- like fluid runs out of my vagina, and from that day I dont experience that feeling no more, I continue the treatment and witness my tubes unblocking, there were a lot of white stuff coming out just like what the other ladies have describe.


I felt a lot different, I normally take long to have an orgasm or none most times, but since my experience with felopio, my vagina become so sensitive, even when am doing the flush with the hot water my vagina is quinting, contracting and releasing onto the nozzle of the douche bag it felt good and sex become extremely pleasurable for me and my partner. Normally it wasn’t like that, now am curling my toes and digging my nails in his back and this is all because of felopio.


I still don’t have a clear flush but there is hope ,and I am going to start my next round to finish unblocking my tube, there is still blockage and I can feel it far down below my navel before felopio it was high up pass my navel on my left side. The blockage is traveling, it just need a second dose of felopio to get rid of the remaining blockage. I believe that’s the case.


Also, I always have terrible period pain, but last month I didn’t know my period arrive until after I when to the bathroom, I saw my panty mess up, my cycle has also change from a 26 cycle to day 28 cycle, am now ovulating 14 days from my period instead of 12(doctors normally say 28 day cycle is normally the healthiest cycle a woman could have) am happy my cycle is 28 instead of 26. I started to see the clear- slippery female sperm discharge  that helps the male sperm to swim to the egg when am ovulating, the last time I saw that fluid was when am about 16 and now am 24. I guess I can say my reproductive health is getting back to normal all because of felopio (the block tube opener).




Thank you Maria for your help, I know it’s expensive to get this treatment but trust me, I   will do anything just to have a child of my own.

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