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Felopio is a sure herbal method to unblock tubes.

Sometimes, thinking we have seen it all, it happens we have seen very little yet. Having unblocked both of my tubes back in 2019 and successfully giving birth in 2020 would not have made me think infertility problem would ever be a nightmare to me. Well, it came to be that a year and a half later after giving birth to my first child, I could not conceive again – after trying for six consecutive months. Hsg test is a painful test, which anyone who has gone through it before would dread hearing someone suggesting for a repeat. It stressed me that I had to undergo it again and the worry of how the result would read overwhelmed me. Having no otherwise I did it and the results come out that both of my tubes had blocked once more. I could not define clearly the cause of the second blockage but in my opinion the CS method I took when delivering the first child could have been the cause.

Having used felopio successfully before, my anxiety was a bit calmed down. So, I started the felopio journey once more with the hope that it would work for me just like it went back in 2019. For sure, things went well this time as well because I successfully unblocked both of my tubes for the second time, but not without the major challenge though (of how long it would take before I could see the clear flushes). Taking heart and having faith that regardless the duration it would take I would finally clear my tubes I went on with the treatment. From December 2021 – early March 2022 a total of 81 days of consecutive use saw me clear my tubes. I went on with felopio for four days seeing clear flushes before the periods came and afterwards I proceeded to do another HSG which confirmed both of my tubes were clear.

I must confess that at times it might be difficult observing the consecutive use of felopio as a result of other commitments that one may be entitled to like myself. I found myself doing felopio when I was very busy program of handling my young daughter, studying at the university at the same time attending family and friends occasions when they arise. I could squeeze my daily schedule to find time for felopio which in most cases it was tiresome but I managed to not skip a day. No matter how hard I would strain to make it on daily basis, I knew the results I was chasing would comfort me. God is faithful He helped through this tough road for a second time.

I don’t want to forget mentioning the third challenge that came with felopio – itchiness at my vulva. Yes, it would start from the time of insertion of a new tampon to the time changing the same tampon. As you may think about it; the discomfort and embrassment it would cause if someone saw me rubbing down there. For this one I calmed it down using petroleum jelly that I use for my skincare. So after a new insertion of tampon I would dry my vulva with a clean piece of cloth and apply the jelly all round. During the day I would still apply when there was signs of itchiness. Were it not for the effect of the jelly, it would be hard to continue but thanks goodness there is a way out for many problems we encounter in our daily lives. What surprised me is that the itchiness thing occurred during my second use of felopio unlike the first time. I didn’t know the reason for that occurrence but my satisfaction came when I found a way to go about it.

I would ask patients who are on felopio to have persistence with it despite the challenges they might be facing, because the fruits of their effort will be sweet.

God is good, kind and gracious. In His word He says, “knock and the door shall be opened, seek and you will find.” I prayed so much for His graces,guidance and protection in my first case of infertility. I also went ahead and sent myself to seek for treatment and I found felopio. It worked for me three years ago and to attest for it has worked again. Surely, the doors have been opened for me. I have used it twice without any doubt and wonders have happened.

I also have a feeling that believing in what you do is part of healing part of the healing process. As far as faith is concerned in whatever you pursue all negativity should be avoided at all cost regardless of the source (mostly people who genuinely love and care for us). I say this because, on my first time of use my close relatives thought I was I was doing something that could harm me from their perspective of view of herbal treatments. But I remained firm in my decision to go the herbal way since for felopio in particular I had gathered all information about it and I was already convinced.

I feel great, because I have conceived for the second time. Just seven weeks down the line and it is such a joy.

Recovered from Infertility

My name is Linda from Kenya. Am 29 years old. I first realized I had a problem in conceiving after trying for two consecutive months with no success.On August 28th of 2019 immediately after the two months is when I decided to visit a fertility clinic and after tests were administered to check out what could be the matter, a problem was noted. The HSG test was among the test. It is the one that can help to know if the tubes are clear or blocked.

To my surprise both of my tubes were totally blocked.The right one at the isthmus (at some point between the uterus and the ovary ) and the left one at the cornua (at the beginning of the tube where it joins the uterus) I also had an ovarian cyst in my left ovary. The gynaecologist assured me that there is no way I could conceive naturally since the eggs could not meet with the sperms.So no fertilization could take place. I was told that the only way I can bear a baby of my own is through IVF. I was given no other option other than that one. I broke into hot tears, it literally rolled uncontrollably; it was a real big blow to me.

September 2019 was the most difficult time of my life. It was a month of agony, full of worries, sorrow, tears and hopelessness. At the beginning of that month I decided to visit a number of IVF centres so that I could enquire about what the procedure entails, any alternative option if there was any and the costs.I got the same opinions from all the IVF specialists is like they were all trained to speak the same things. I was discouraged by the:
1. Shallow information that was shared.
2. The fact that it was not a guarantee it would work; success rate was below 40%.
3. Any other risk or side effects that would come along with it.
4. The amount that was to follow that procedure.
So it felt uncertain and uncomfortable to even think of undergoing such a thing. I was torn between taking the IVF or remaining childless for the rest of my life.

By this time, 2nd of October 2019 I was abit sober and I decided to look into the internet for other possible ways to conceive with blocked fallopian tubes, although I was already convinced there was non. The name Felopio came first among the many links. All these links talked about the natural way to unblock the tubes. They all talked about the herbal way to correct all the defects that bar natural conception. I read all of them but Felopio sounded like a genuine product from the transparency of information about them that was displayed, how their product works and the testimonies of the patients who have successfully been treated.

My conscience was completely convinced that I should try it although I had alot of fear. Some false claims from people with ill intentions at the internet doubled my fear so that my heart broke and I was almost abandoning my plans to purchase this product. I realized that the doctors are also are a major source of discouragement of herbal use for ailments and people tend to believe so much in everything they say; they are ranked as ‘gods’. I didn’t know what exactly could happen to my uterus and the overall health since I didn’t know what these herbs were, and if anything could go wrong I would carry all the consequences by my own. But I tried to remain focused despite all the odds. I refused to listen to the negative voices thrown in my heart and I remained positive since having a baby was my priority and therefore, it was worth taking this great risk.And through out this journey I prayed and trusted so much in the living God to grant me a break through. Michael guided me through all the information that I need to know. Thanks alot brother for being that patient with me. I ordered for a 50 days package.

In less than a week’s time I already had it with me. I was very excited to receive a package that I believed it would help in setting me free from that nightmare of infertility. Following all the given instructions to the dot I started the treatment on 23rd October of 2019 i.e immediately after the periods. Alot of white, big and small particles plus other staff that looked like skin tissues used to be seen in the flushes in the first cycle. The routeen of preparing the tampons and douching can be tiring and to some point I was tempted to skip a day or two. But I remember the words PATIENCE and COMMITMENT were key word in this treatment. As I proceeded I noted there was some warm sensation at where the uterus is located, that was, towards the end of the 1st cycle. I believed it is as a result of the healing process and I could confirm with Michael anything that was not usual to know if the progress was good.

Periods came, this time round with absolutely no pain. I was amazed because I was used to very painful ones in the previous months and years. But this one felt like the very first period I had when I was 12years – painless. I knew it must be one of the effects of Felopio. I even gained more confidence to continue using it since that was a positive effect. So, on its completion I proceeded with the treatment to the 2nd cycle. And towards the end of this cycles I realized that the bigger particles had all cleared and the small particles had reduced in the flushes.The skin like tissues were no longer there and the mucus discharge had also reduced.So the flushes were almost clear.The warm sensation at the uterus had spread to both sides of lower abdomen up to the far ends. My rough guess could show me that my tubes could be open and maybe the medicine found its way through, to all the way to the ovary.

I had used only 40 tampons for those 2 cycles, by then. So, as I was planning to purchase another package for the next cycle since I had not seen the complete clear flush is when I decided to go for another HSG test to check if my uterus was in the right condition and if my guesses were also right. I was laying on the hard and cold table when the two doctors said that there was spillage on both sides. That ment the tubes were open. I knew that for sure! I was overwhelmed with joy and that’s when I also realized that the pain during that exam was not as bad as of the previous test.

I didn’t want to explain anything to them concerning the herbs and the miracle that had happened to me since doctors are so much opposed to herbal treatments especially in such a sensitive organ. The doctor’s report read that all my tubes were clear from blockages and the ovarian cyst was also not there. I believe this herb Felopio is REAl. Very real! And that all the other testimonies are very true from other real people who have experienced what I have. I still hold the remaining herbs in the fridge. I can’t afford to discard it. Am still wondering what it is there in that mix that is working out the impossibles. Am humbled to be healed. I want to send special thanks to Maria, to Michael and the whole family for the good job that you are doing. May you be blessed and increased in all your endeavors. What could I do without you people.

That was 13th December 2019 when I did the 2nd HSG. I began a journey of trying to conceive immediately and guess what!! I have already missed my periods that was to start on 5th of January 2020. It is definite am pregnant! God is good all the time.I worship Him I adore Him for coming to me through this wonderful family of Felopio. Am so thankful to my maker. By His will I will bear my first born child this August.All glory belongs to Him.

Feeling Excited

I’m Amie Capule from Philippines. I’m 37 years old and married for 4 years. I am new with Felopio family and I’m excited to receive my Felopio package. Maria says that I will received the package this coming June 25 or 26.  My Doctor says that she needs to do again a Laparoscopy procedure to remove my Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and to correct my Left blockage fallopian tube. While I was thinking and reflecting of what will I do, will I proceed with the surgery or not. Then I came to research through internet about alternative ways on how to resolve my condition.  I cross the site of Felopio, my heart beats fast and fascinated with the testimonies of how they were cured and successfully became pregnant with Felopio. Looking forward for a miracle to happen in my life. I will start my felopio journey the soonest. I will keep you posted of my next write up.

My testimony

I just wanted to give thanks to our Lord above for blessing my family with this little miracle baby that was born on February 11, 2015 ! I struggled for many years with blocked fallopian tubes and have had four miscarriages due to the fact that the baby was getting stuck in my fallopian tube which as a result I had to have my right tube removed and was told by a doctor that I would not be able to get pregnant the natural way because my left tube was also damaged.  He told me I would have to have IVF treatments or surgery.  Hearing this from the doctor broke my heart I remember feeling empty and very hurt. The cost of IVF was too expensive for us to afford and it would take years for us to save the amount of money that was required plus the treatment and surgery just seemed too risky with no guarantee in the end that it would work. I decided to do some googling and stumbled upon this website at first I was skeptical I literally read almost every testimony and all the information provided on the website and still didn’t believe that this could work for me so I put off the thought of a baby for a year. Well last year proved to be the year of faith and determination.  I purchased the kit in February of 2014 and it arrived really fast actually faster than I expected. Once I received the kit I started using it immediately my first thought was how horrible the smell of the tampons was and the commitment it was going to take to complete the kit seeing it specifically tell you NO sex is allowed and this is a daily devotion. I knew the tampons were working  after the first five days I started to notice what looked like white tissue particles in my flushes some nights it was a lot and other nights not so much. Needless to say I completed the kit! I got married in late March and found out I was pregnant June 9th! We were excited to find out that the baby had safely made it to the uterus and progressing normal and due for arrival on February 15, 2015! We are over joyed and just wanted to give our gratitude and deepest thanks to Maria for helping women like myself experience natural conception and motherhood.  You are changing lives and being a vessel from the Lord to be a blessing to others just like me.  I encourage any woman that is struggling with this same problem that it is safe and it works! My heart is humbled and life have changed since giving birth I feel a incredible amount of confidence and completion. We are blessed beyond words.

Best Regards,

Melissa and Leon

Debbie’s twins and big boy Stef

Hey guys,

just wanted to share with you a recent picture of Debbie’s kids – all after using Felopio for blocked tubes.

Big boy just turned five and the twins are three years old. How time flies! Very proud of you young ones! Felopio nation keeps growing in size and numbers!