Debbie’s twins and big boy Stef

Hey guys,

just wanted to share with you a recent picture of Debbie’s kids – all after using Felopio for blocked tubes.

Big boy just turned five and the twins are three years old. How time flies! Very proud of you young ones! Felopio nation keeps growing in size and numbers!

2 thoughts on “Debbie’s twins and big boy Stef”

  1. Hi Denny
    I’m Folake I just want to know how many
    Flushes did u used to unblock your tubes
    And did you introduce felopio to people and
    Did it work for them ? I’ve started my treatment
    It’s my second order and I’m loving it at
    The moment I’ve actually introduced
    Felopio to many women already I pray it
    Worked for all of us and we will all
    Share our testimonies

  2. Hi Debbie,

    I’m Amie from Philippines. I already purchased 1 bottle of felopio and able to used it until last Aug. 10, 2015. Unfortunately, I still see some particles coming out. I went for a trans vaginal ultrasound and found out that still the same. My endometriosis and adenomyosis where still seen in my ultrasound. Ms. Maria said that until I will see clear flushes so It means I need to buy another one. I will raise another money for another treatment to purchase felopio.

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