Ectopic pregnancy: Why you need to stop trying to conceive for your own good!

You have been warned.

Your body has just sent you a serious warning. Don’t ignore it. It is not just glitch in your system. Your body is telling you to stop trying and asking you to address the problem that it has pointed out to you.

If you just had ectopic pregnancy and have come home from the hospital you need to stop thinking about trying  to conceive. Stop having unprotected sex around your ovulation time and don’t try to get pregnant at all. It doesn’t matter how much you want to have a child now.  Put your plans and dreams of being a mom on hold!

Ectopic pregnancy is a serious problem and can lead to permanent infertility. Things can be even worse if it is not addressed. If you are lucky to catch the ectopic pregnancy early on then the affected fallopian tube can be saved.  If the pregnancy has developed enough, an emergency surgical removal of the fallopian tube maybe the only way to prevent a much more devastating development .

Why does ectopic pregnancy happen?

The fallopian tubes are two delicate organs which are crucial to natural pregnancy.  There are only two fallopian tubes and many who ignore the signals that their body is sending them end up loosing one or both fallopian tubes. One lost fallopain tube cuts down the possiblty of a succesful natural pregnancy in half or in some cases it eliminates the chance completely. Loosing both fallopian tubes elimiantes any chance for a natural pregnancy.  Luckily IVF is still a viable option for those that have lost both fallopian tubes.

Ectopic pregnancy happens when one or both fallopian tubes are either partially blocked or there is a type of tubal blockage called hydrosalpinx.

What is your body telling?

It tells you that your reproductive system is not in optimal shape. You need to take good care of it in order to prevent health problems in the future and to make yourself have the ablility to get pregnant properly.  After the ectopic pregnancy has been taken care of,  the most important thing you need is a thorough cleansing of your fallopian tube(s) and womb. This will allow you to regain your ability to have a natural and successful pregnancy.