My Journey

Hello Everyone- My name is Nicole, I am a 31 years of age. My husband and I havd been trying to conceive for a year when I decided that I needed to be looked at. Every year when I would go my OB/GYN for my annual pap, I would always express my concern about my fertility. Each doctor kept telling me to work on try to conceive for a year and if nothing happens ro come back.

Well after trying to conceive for 2 years, I basically got fed up. I found a doctor that seemed to listen to my concerns. We started the blood work the following month and found that all my levels were good. That same month I went back to get blood work done to see if I ovulated. After waiting for a response from the doctor, I decided that I wanted to go ahead with the HSG procedure. The results came back that my left fallopian tube was completely blocked and my right tube had scar tissue the doctor told me that I pose a high risk for an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy.

I asked her if surgery could be performed to to fix the blockage and she told me no. She told me that if I decided to go ahead with Clomid, I still run the risk for an ectopic pregnancy, and that they best route would be IVF or adoption. About two months later I spoke with a Fertility Specialist and he basically told me that I could get the surgery and that my doctor sounds like she is not comfortable with performing the procedure.

That night I prayed and ask God to lead me in my journey. In my search I came across Felopio and another product. The one thing that really made me want to pursue Felopio further was the fact that Maria and her family gives you a direct way to contact them, either through email or by phone. The other site did not have this. You just simply purchase the package without speaking to anyone.

I must admit, at first I was very skeptical, but after speaking with my husband about it, we decided to purchase the product. I started my treatment in Mid-May and from day one of my flush I started to see little particles. The particles increased in size and amount each day. On day 22 I had a very big and long piece of tissue that came out. My husband and I were so nervous that we had to take pictures and emailed them to Maria right away (that was at 12am). She emailed me back at 5am her time….shows her true dedication to her product and your concerns. Needless to say, everything is going well and as the website says it will happen.

Tonight I will start back with the treatment as I have not had any clear flushes (3-4 consecutive days) that the instructions call for. This is not a scam. As I make more progress, I will continue to post on the blog to give everyone an update.

If anyone would like to talk to me about my experience, by all means get in touch with me!

Maria and Family, May God continue to shine his blessings upon you.

Many Regards,

Nicole L.

Fort Worth, TX

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  1. Hi Nicole,
    When did you start the treatment and how are things for you now? I began my treatment on May 5th and am continuing it for the second cycle with one interruption of a business trip of 7 days. So far I continue to see the tiny white fleck like particles in the flush but they are becoming smaller and less so hopefully that means the blockages are being removed. I’d like to continue to read your progress. Maria has told me that my treatment could be a long one given that I have bilateral distal blockages diagnosed through the HSG. It does get tedious to do the treatment every day but I’m determined to persevere but also wonder how other people have dealt with the times when you get tired of doing it or other interruptions to your regular life. I’m also older than most of the women who have blogged here (40) so have some time considerations against me as well. Anyway, on with the treatment. Thanks!

  2. Hello- sorry for the delay in response. I will be starting my second kit this week. I did the first 40 tampons but did not have any clear/clean flushes. I took a break for a couple of weeks because I got discouraged.

    I tried to get another HSG performed to see what progress had been made but my doctor’s nurse pretty much gave me the run around because I had one in January. I’ve had issues with this doctor and nurse about my infertility issue so I just needed a break to think everything through.

    So my husband and I decided to do another round and at the same time look for another doctor that is more understanding and doesn’t have a million patients. I think we are actually going to go with a Certified Nurse Midwife, seeing that they can perform my annual paps and they have an OB/GYN that is available for anything else.

    How is your treatment going???

  3. Hi Nicole,

    I replied to your question on my blog entry. Yes, I was fortunate with my OB as I had requested an HSG from her and she was willing to help in any way she could. I had told her that I was looking into alternative therapies like herbal treatments and specialized physical therapy treatments like Clear Passage Therapy. She was very supportive. I would highly recommend finding a doctor/clinic that can request their own tests – not sure which country you’re in, I’m in the US and many OBs can request tests for their own patients at clinics/hospitals that they are affiliated with. My ob administred the HSG test herself and had the hospitals radiologist confirm the tubal patency. I would also recommend looking into other therapy like the Clear Passage Therapy – it is an expensive treatment but much, much less than the surgical option and also non-invasive. They have also had very good results but I would encourage you to go with the Felopio treatment first as it is far more affordable. Time is not on my side as I am 40 this year so I am glad that my combined set of treatments helped me to unblock the tubes. Now I hope for a healthy happy pregnancy and baby. All the best to you.

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