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I am 30 years old and am married from past 6 years.After one year of marriage, I gave birth to a baby gal.She was a premature baby and had to do C Section to take her out.Unfortunately she passed away at the age of 6 months due to some abnormal heart function(She underwent multiple surgeries).After this incident, I had lost hopes on invasive procedures.We never had courage to try for a baby until this year.After unsuccessful attempts, doctor advised me to get the HSG done.I discovered the fact that both of my tubes are completely blocked due to the C Section I had for my first baby.Doctors advise was to get prepared for IVF or go for adoption.But I was not even ready for Laparoscopy as I had lost faith in any of the invasive procedures.

I started looking for alternate remedies.Felopio was not the only website I found.I emailed Maria asking her if I can start using felopio and she replied immediately with all the details.I was skeptical when I made the decision.My husband and I were not mentally prepared to go for any surgery to unblock fallopian tubes.One of my close friend had some concerns about the product regarding side effects of felopio.It was not easy to make the decision but I knew herbs cannot have any side effects as I have used many herbs from my childhood.I wanted to try Felopio in the first place before I opt for any other options.Finally I decided to go with Felopio and am glad I did.

During the treatment, I found very tiny particles coming out.I started seeing the particles right from the first day of my flush.I never got big particles in the flush.I used to ask many questions to Maria and Michael.They used to answer all my questions very patiently.I thank them from the bottom of my heart.I started the treatment from April of this year.After using it for a month, I noticed that I had no pain when I ovulate.Today I got my HSG done and found that my right tube is unblocked.Flushes are still not clear.I am planning to use felopio till flushes come clear.Felopio made my efforts to conceive significantly less.I am glad I didn’t go for laparoscopy or any kind of surgery.

I would love to talk with anyone who can get benefit from my experience.Felopio is real and it works.Thanks to Maria for her wonderful product and also her wonderful website through which everyone can get benefited.I will keep you all posted.

V.S., United States

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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing your story on the blog site. I am a current user also of Felopio and am on the first set of tampons but continuing after my first cycle. I have had two surgeries previously which have resulted in having both tubes blocked (seen through HSG films) and with hydrosalpinx (fluid in the tubes). I have had one child who was delivered via C-section. Now we are trying for the second and have had this diagnosis. I too have only had small particles.

    Anyway, best of luck to you.

  2. KaPar,
    After reading the testimony from people, Initially was expecting big pieces to come out in flush.I was little concerned about it.When I asked Maria she told me that big pieces has to be coming from the uterus.She also told me that tubes have very small diameter and only small particles can come out from there.

    All the best with your treatment.

  3. HI VS,
    thanks for the reply. Yes, I’m on my second month of treatment and have been continuously seeing small particles. It makes sense that the particles are small if they are coming only from the tubes. Anyway, I am getting tired of the treatment but I will continue as long as I can. I am missing all my daughter’s swimming lessons and also swimming at the beach but I guess it is worth it. Sometimes, I think that it won’t work for me but Maria has been very good about keeping me on track. She has been very patient with my million questions and all I can do is hope that it will work ultimately.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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