Hi,my name is Evdokia and I am from Greece.I am 31 years old and I am trying to conceive for 7 years!My first experience was at the age of 24,when I went to the hospital with terrible pains and I was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy.I had got a surgery and removed my left tube with classic surgery.(not laparoscopy!This is important to say ).I was trying to conceive for a year but with no success…I had got an HSG and my right tube was blocked as well.Doctors suggested that I should have an I.V.F.My first two I.V.F. resulted in two ectopic pregnancies,one of which needed methotrexate to end.So,my third effort resulted in a pregnancy,which was a good experience until the third month,when we saw a huge bleeding 10×10 cm,which  was a threat for my baby’s life!I went to  hospital and after a non-stop bleeding they ended my pregnancy in the end of the fourth month and I needed blood transfusion in order to survive…My last two I.V.F. had no result at all,since the condition of my tube was getting worse and the ovaries didn’t response at all.We went to another doctor,who said that if I didn’t remove my right tube,he wouldn’t take responsibility of another I.V.F.!!!I didn’t want another surgery,so I thought the adoption,but my husband had an objection! So,he surfed on the Internet for a long time for an alternative therapy for blocked tubes…The most reasonable therapy of all he found was that of Maria.We decided to buy these herbs.After 7 days of use we saw big wormlike things coming out every day.This procedure took us two months to be completed.My husband checked these pieces under a microscope and he saw cotton and stitches from the classic surgery I mentioned above.Felopio not only unblocked my tube,but also got rid of the remaines of the surgery!!!I got pregnant after a month and now in 28th of April 2009 I am in the 7th month of my pregnancy and thanks Maria for this wonderful pregnancy and the wonderful girl that is going to come…Another time I will describe to all of you how I came up with the problem I had with blood clotting without heparin.Evdokia.K.Greece.

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  1. Hi Evdokia,

    It is wonderful that you ewre able to conceive after Maria’s treatment. I wish you all the very best. I too have a daughter and she is the delight of our lives. You mentioned about having a blood clot and heparin, did you find a solution to solving blood clots without heparin? I would be interested in hearing about this as I too have had a blood clot in the past and am interested in learning more about any alternative solutions to medication. Thanks and best wishes.

  2. Hi,first of all I have the problem of blood clots only during the pregnancy.The problem is solved with a combination of vitamins.My daily dosage is:Vitamin C with Quercetin (2x1000mg),Vitamin Gamma E Tocopherol (1 softgel),Omega 3 Fish Oil (EPA 400mg and DIA 200mg-2 softgels per day),Ginkgo Biloba (1 capsule-120 mg) and Vitamin B Complex(occasionally).I drink ozonated water (4-6 glasses per day) and I check my blood every month and the numbers that have to do with blood clotting are steady.Ozone activates your own anticoagulant mechanisms.Thanks for your wishes.Evdokia.

  3. Hi Evdokia,
    Thanks for the above formula. I had a clot develop after the C-section with my daughter. I have been free of the blood thinner medication since February 2007. I’m not sure if we have ozonated water here, I haven’t seen that in the stores but will look for in the health food stores. Also, what is DIA?

    Thanks for the information and all the best.

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