Hi,my name is Evdokia and I am from Greece.I am 31 years old and I am trying to conceive for 7 years!My first experience was at the age of 24,when I went to the hospital with terrible pains and I was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy.I had got a surgery and removed my left tube with classic surgery.(not laparoscopy!This is important to say ).I was trying to conceive for a year but with no success…I had got an HSG and my right tube was blocked as well.Doctors suggested that I should have an I.V.F.My first two I.V.F. resulted in two ectopic pregnancies,one of which needed methotrexate to end.So,my third effort resulted in a pregnancy,which was a good experience until the third month,when we saw a huge bleeding 10×10 cm,which  was a threat for my baby’s life!I went to  hospital and after a non-stop bleeding they ended my pregnancy in the end of the fourth month and I needed blood transfusion in order to survive…My last two I.V.F. had no result at all,since the condition of my tube was getting worse and the ovaries didn’t response at all.We went to another doctor,who said that if I didn’t remove my right tube,he wouldn’t take responsibility of another I.V.F.!!!I didn’t want another surgery,so I thought the adoption,but my husband had an objection! So,he surfed on the Internet for a long time for an alternative therapy for blocked tubes…The most reasonable therapy of all he found was that of Maria.We decided to buy these herbs.After 7 days of use we saw big wormlike things coming out every day.This procedure took us two months to be completed.My husband checked these pieces under a microscope and he saw cotton and stitches from the classic surgery I mentioned above.Felopio not only unblocked my tube,but also got rid of the remaines of the surgery!!!I got pregnant after a month and now in 28th of April 2009 I am in the 7th month of my pregnancy and thanks Maria for this wonderful pregnancy and the wonderful girl that is going to come…Another time I will describe to all of you how I came up with the problem I had with blood clotting without heparin.Evdokia.K.Greece.

This is my story

In June 2007 I got married. After one month I had miscarriage. Then my husband was in UK studying. When he came back, after two days I started having excrutiating pains in the lower part of my stomach. I went to hospital and my doctor told me that I had PID. After several treatment, the pain did not subside. I went to another hospital and I was told by another report that I may be having ovarian cyst. Other diagnosis reported no fallopian tube, hormonal imbalance. the final place I went to reported blocked fallopian tube. I had flushing of the tube by one gnaecologist and it did not go through. They penciled me down for operation. This put fear in me and i started searching for alternative to operation because my friends who had operation are still in the same situation. I had to go to

internet to search for cure for blocked tube. The first website I opened was that of MARIA. I got home and discussed with my husband who quickly agreed with me. We quickly contacted MARIA and she gave us her details. We made the payment and believing GOD. The medicine we ordered for came much quickly than we expected. We started administering it because it is that simple. Immediately after 4 days, we started seeing particle coming out. For about 10 days, the flushing bucket became filled with large size particles. You can’t believe what we saw. After one month, we were through with the drug. We had to wait for my ovulation period. Immediately it came, we met and I became pregnant in that month. I am now six months pregnant. I saw, used, and got result. Felopio is real. God is using MARIA to do miracles in our time.
Debbie O.

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big boy

My experience with Felopio

Hello Ladies,

Please allow me to introduce myself – I’m Tara and I first used Felopio over a year ago.  I would like to tell you all the ways it has helped me so far.

I was diagnosed with blocked tubes after a tubal reversal surgery, Asherman’s syndrome (scar tissue inside the uterus) and Adenomyosis.  After seeing a couple of RE’s who were absolutely no help, I finally took the plunge and decided to order Felopio, and I’m really glad I did.

I used to have alot of spotting problems – sometimes more than 10 days before my period started, and now I only spot 1-4 days before.  I used to have alot of pelvic pain after ovulation every month, and now it hardly bothers me at all.  My lower back ached so often I wanted to cry, and now it only hurts the day my period starts.  I used to have horrible ovulation pains for 2 or 3 days solid, and now it only lasts about half a day.  I used to have to eat Ibuprofin like candy for 3 days after my period started due to the horrible uterine cramps, and now it might only bother me for one day or less, and the pain is much less intense.  I used to have fibrocystic breast condition and my breasts would get all hard & lumpy between ovulation and my period, and now it has been over 5 months with no hard & lumpy breasts!  I’m not sure how Felopio did that, but it was the only thing I was doing different so it must have had an effect somehow.

Maria’s website says it should take 7-10 days to start seeing particles coming out in the flushes, but I started seeing particles my 2nd day of the very first flush.  I have gotten alot of scar tissue “peeled-off dead-skin” looking particles out with the treatment, from tiny to nickel-size.  The big pieces have to be coming from my uterus, and at my last HSG my doctor said there were “no filling defects”.  Before Felopio, there were “multiple filling defects” with all the uterine scar tissue inside there.

My flow used to be thick and clotty, and now even that has gotten better.  I haven’t seen a clot in months now so I feel good about that too.

Maria says I’m a really tough case for her with all my problems, but she has been very supportive and helped me stay determined to finish this. After the first couple of months I wanted to give up, but Maria knew my case was really compicated and urged me to continue… and like an angel, she started sending it to me for just the shipping cost!  If Felopio can help someone with tubes blocked by scar tissue, Asherman’s syndrome and Adenomyosis, it should be able to help anyone with only blocked tubes for sure.   I still have not gotten the 3-4 days of clear flushes, but I plan on continuing until I do.

I would love to chat with anyone about Felopio – Hope to talk to some of you soon!


A few things you should know about the Felopio Herbal Tampon Treatment

How it Started

Many years ago my good luck was my late father-in-low, who was MD, was really concerned I was not able to conceive nearly 8 years because of blocked fallopian tubes.

He successfully combined orthodox and alternative medicine. His favorite saying was: “There is herb for every pain!”

He experimented on me. I believed in him and I was patient. There was no other hope (IVF didn’t exist yet and the specialists I visited at the time were telling me I have to adopt if I want a child). He had a revolutionary vision using herbal tampons acting directly on the affected tubes instead of herbal teas or tinctures. Both my sons were born using Felopio when I was 35 and 38 accordingly. In the next years until he passed away in 1991 many other women were successfully treated the same way and he left the herbal medicine to me, his guinea pig. Following my retirement as a graduated chemist in 2002 I decided to dedicate my time and efforts helping the women struggling with same problem.

The doctors usually are not interested in herbal treatments and are not aware about this great opportunity for opening blocked fallopian tubes and conceiving without surgeries or IFV. There is not a financial gain in it for them also. They can’t charge you for herbal treatment same way they do it for laparoscopy or IVF. They know perfectly well even a laser surgery is an invasive procedure and the body reacts to it the same way as to a wound or injury creating scar tissue leading to worse blockages. Nevertheless their opinion is trying herbal treatment is only waste of time and money. Unfortunately surfing internet I found many women are biased thinking the same way without any experience with herbal treatments and they believe their doctors unconditionally.

Most of the ectopic pregnancies leading to the tube removal are due to partly blocked tube. It could be avoided with our herbal treatment before TTC.

After five years there have been quite a few success stories of women unblocking their fallopian tubes with Felopio and improving their general reproductive health. Some of those couples who have decided to express their gratitude for Felopio have their stories posted as testimonials on the website. In any case Felopio success is evident by those women who refer Felopio to their friends in need and by the other herbal tampon treatments that have started to show up on the internet recently. This is the reason why I don’t share the ingredients of Felopio. Many people would like to make easy money and benefit from my suffering and the labour of my father-in-law.

Importance of true dedication and discipline when doing the Felopio Herbal Tampon Treatment

To get the full benefit out of Felopio and achieve your final goal, you must follow the treatment procedure explicitly and ask about anything you are not sure about. The treatment is very easy to do but it takes patience and dedication. I encourage you to keep in touch to make sure that treatment is going as it should be.

I have tried to make it clear that the fallopian tubes are not fully unblocked until the flushes done during the treatment are coming out clear of scar tissue particles for 3 – 4 consecutive days. Many women see that the flushes come out clear for 3 to 4 days with only a month treatment. Some women however have a more severe blockage and might not see the flushes running clear for the necessary time and need to continue the treatment for another cycle until the fallopian tubes are completely unblocked. If the flushes run clear for a day or two is not an indication that the tubes are unblocked because it is possible that scar tissue inside has softened but not ready to be flushed at the time. It might come out the next day. That is why the flushes must run clear at least for 3-4 days.

Why I have created this blog?

I have opened this blog in hope that more women will be willing and able to share their Felopio experiences with the others who might benefit of the treatment. While some women have been able to post their experiences with Felopio on some website forums, it seems that many positive posts are quickly removed. This way people who are sharing information with others who might benefit from it are not receiving this information because the forum owners feel that their website forum is used to advertise someone else’s product. The internet is about making information available to everyone who needs it. I feel that participation of Felopio users in a blog will allow for the sharing of information that has been lacking on this issue of blocked fallopian tubes which affects so many women in the world.

Felopio – a family business

Some of you may already know me, Maria. I work together with my husband Kris and my two sons Nido and Michael. They help me make Felopio available to you. We all work together to improve the way we help you achieve your dream of having your family the natural way.

Introduction to the Felopio blog

Hello Dear Felopio users!

Over the past 5 years while offering this amazing herbal medicine I’ve been able to get to know many women who are now going through the same struggles that I was in my younger years.

Many women continue to ask and wonder about whether Felopio really works. While women continously share their success stories with me, it seems that many people are opposed to the herbal treatment and refuse to give it the credit it deserves. While women have tried to post their Felopio experiences on different forums on the internet, it seems that any positive feedback on our herbal tampons is quickly removed.

This is the reason I’ve asked my sons to create this blog for myself, the other women who have already used Felopio and any women who are struggling with blocked fallopian tubes.

I encourage you to post your experiences and questions here so that this information is available to any woman that could benefit from the use of the Felopio herbal treatment.

Soon my sons will be emailing all of you your usernames and passwords so that you are able to participate in this blog and post your comments, experiences and questions.

I look forward to our continued relationship.