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Feeling Excited

I’m Amie Capule from Philippines. I’m 37 years old and married for 4 years. I am new with Felopio family and I’m excited to receive my Felopio package. Maria says that I will received the package this coming June 25 or 26.  My Doctor says that she needs to do again a Laparoscopy procedure to remove my Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and to correct my Left blockage fallopian tube. While I was thinking and reflecting of what will I do, will I proceed with the surgery or not. Then I came to research through internet about alternative ways on how to resolve my condition.  I cross the site of Felopio, my heart beats fast and fascinated with the testimonies of how they were cured and successfully became pregnant with Felopio. Looking forward for a miracle to happen in my life. I will start my felopio journey the soonest. I will keep you posted of my next write up.