Update on my Treatment

Hi Ladies- I just wanted to post an update on my herbal treatment.

I have been doing my treatment since May 13th this year. I have not had the 3-4 consecutive days of clear/clean flushes yet, but I hope and pray that I get there soon.

I finally heard from my doctor today after trying to get in contact with her for the past couple of months without having to make an appointment and pay to see her. I asked about getting another HSG to see what progress has been made. I let her know that I had been taking Chinese Herbs, doing fallopian tube massages, and going to an acupuncturist. I didn’t tell her about the herbal tampons just because I’ve heard that some doctors are against it. Didn’t feel like going through any drama.

Anyways, she bascially told me that most insurance companies won’t cover a second procedure unless there has been something surgical done. I ended up getting off of the phone with her quickly as I could see that she that she kept leaning towards medical procedures like IUI and IVF. She stayed focused on my left tube that is blocked and told me that my right tube was clear. But when I met with her back in February of this year she had said that my right tube had scar tissue and adhesions in it and could cause a tubal pregnancy.

Needless to say, once I got off of the phone with her I had to take a walk and prayed to God that she continue to give me faith and patience and to heal my womb.

After tonight, I have 9 more tampons left. After this second round if I still do not have the 3-4 days of consecutive clean/clear flushes, then I will start my 3rd kit.

I have noticed a major change in my monthly cycle. I haven’t had any PMS symptoms like bloating or cramps. And thhe past two cycles I didn’t even know that it was my period until I had mild cramping and went to the bathroom and there is was. That is much better than having a 3-4 days of cramps prior to my actual cycle.

Anyways, I ask that you all keep me in your prayers and everyone that is going through the treatment to stay positive. Like Maria told me, we have to remember why we are doing this treatment.


Take care,

Nicole L., USA

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