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  • Each Felopio kit includes:
  • Pre-Made Herbal Tampons or Herbal Mixture to Put the Tampons Together Yourself
  • Fountain flush
    Fountain Douche for Felopio Flush
    Fountain flush included with first kit.
    and chamomile tea
    Chamomile Tea for Felopio Flush
    Chamomile tea is included with all orders. One tea bag for each day of flushing.

Pick Your Felopio Option Bellow

Felopio - With Pre-Made Tampons

The Convenience Kit - 40 days

big jar

$650 CAD
Added Convenience of Pre-Made Tampons

  • tampon

    40 Pre-Made Tampons in one pack for 40 days
    Lasts approximately 2 monthly cycles
  • Fountain Douche for Felopio Flush

    Fountain for Flushes
  • Chamomile Tea for Felopio Flush

    Two cycles of chamomile tea for the flushes
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SAVE 100

The Convenience Kit - 20 days
small jar

$375 CAD
Ready to Use Tampons

  • tampon

    20 Pre-Made Tampons in one pack for 20 days
    Lasts approximately 1 monthly cycle
  • Fountain Douche for Felopio Flush

    Fountain for Flushes
  • Chamomile Tea for Felopio Flush

    One cycle of chamomile tea for the flushes
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Felopio - You Make The Tampons

The Original Kit - 40+ days

small jarsmall jar

$550 CAD
Best Value for Your Natural Cleanse

  • tampon

    Two Herbal Mixture Jars to make 40+ tampons
    Lasts approximately 2 monthly cycles
  • Fountain Douche for Felopio Flush

    Fountain for Flushes
  • Chamomile Tea for Felopio Flush

    Two cycles of chamomile tea for the flushes

The Original Kit - 20+ days
small jar

$325 CAD
Make Your Own Tampons

  • tampon

    One Herbal Mixture Jar to make 20+ tampons
    Lasts approximately 1 monthly cycle
  • Fountain Douche for Felopio Flush

    Fountain for Flushes
  • Chamomile Tea for Felopio Flush

    One cycle of chamomile tea for the flushes

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When you order Felopio you also get:

  • Easy to Follow Instructions Guide
    Don't Worry. It is easy!

    "It's easy to prepare and haven't had problems at all!" - Juliet, USA
  • Support 7 Days a Week
    Live Person to Assist Your With Your Procedures

    "Thank you so much for always responding" - Vera, USA

    Call us Monday to Friday from 11 am to 11 pm EST. Email or text support on weekends and holidays.
  • Fast Free Delivery with 100 % Assurance
    Delivered Felopio Kit
    Deliveries are guaranteed. Non-delivery is not an option for us!
  • Discounts on any orders after two cycles
    Everyone is unqiue and some of you may need longer procedures. We want to see you succeed! Price reductions after two months if you need a longer cleansing.

Questions About Ordering

All kits make use of tampons and the same proven herbal formula. The difference is duration and whether the tampons are pre-made. The Monthly and Convenience Kits come with the tampons pre-made. In the case of the Original Kit, you have to make a tampons. Everything required to make a tampon is included in the kit and making a tampon is neither complicated nor time consuming.
The choice depends on the reason why you want to use the treatment.

First, you will just pick to have the tampons pre-made or to make them yourself. Both are equally effective but having the pre-made tampons will save you time and is generally a bit easier because you skip the making of the tampon. If you don't mind making the tampons then the Original kits will be a good choice and will offer you good savings.

Next, pick the length of treatment you would like to recieve in your Felopio Kit.

We recommend doing a minimum of two consecutive months for unblocking the fallopian tubes. Ordering the Felopio Original Kit - Two months or the Felopio Convenience Kit - 40 will provide you with enough treatment for two months. The bigger, two month kits provide the best value for those who are looking to unblock their tubes, shrink or eliminate fibroids or cleanse the reproductive system after a miscarriage or an abortion.

The smaller, Monthly versions of the Felopio kit are great as a prophylactic cleanse of the reproductive system or for those of you who would like to start the treatment with a smaller monthly payment. Some of the benefits associated with a month og use are increased enjoyment of intimacy, reduction of menstrual pains, relief from painful urination (cystitis). Simply, a refreshing cleanse for your system.

One month of treatment is not enough to unblock the fallopian tubes. Two consecutive months is the minimum needed. The lenght of treatment varies from one woman to next as everyone is unqiue. More blockage needs more cleansing.

We use Express or Expedited serivces with Canada Post for orders within Canada.

All deliveries come with online tracking and all orders are shipped in discreet, unmarked boxes.
Orders received Monday to Friday before 10 am eastern time, are shipped the same day. Orders received after 10 am eastern time on weekdays are shipped out the following business day. Orders received on weekends or holidays are shipped out the next business day.
You can return unopened and sealed containers within 30 days of receiving your order and we will issue a full refund less $100 CAD for shipping and handling.
Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal can be used for orders directly from the website.

Within Canada we also offer Interac E-mail transfer. Please inquire if your prefer to use this payment option. You will need to provide shipping details by email separately.

First, we will receive a confirmation of your order. You will a recieve a confirmation email for your payment through the payment system from either Stripe or PayPal. This email confirmation will usually come within a few minutes but can take up to an hour. It is your receipt and proof of purchase. Please contact us, if you haven't received the payment confirmation email.

Second, we will send you a separate email with your tracking number from when your order has been shipped. The time of the tracking number email will depend on when your order was placed. It may come the same day or up to a few days later if the order was placed on Thursday or Friday of an extended weekend.

The second email with the tracking number will also contain guidence about your Felopio procedure so please make sure to read it.
More than 45 years of experience have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Felopio herbal cleanse, however each woman is different and the duration and outcome of the treatment may vary. Felopio provides so many additional benefits, besides a tremendous opportunity to open the fallopian tubes in a natural way, so we think it is safe to say that each and every woman will benefit from it in one form or another.
We do not offer payment plans, however, the Monthly Version of the Felopio Kits provide an easier way to start the Felopio procedure within your monthly budget.
If you experience a delay with your delivery, please use your tracking number and contact Canada Post. It rarely ever happens but if your package is lost, we will promptly ship you a new one free of charge and handle the claim process with Canada Post.

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