A Holistic Approach Produces Extraordinary Benefits

The Felopio Treatment is known for its ability to extract blockages from the fallopian tubes by only using the purest of plants and plant extracts, but did you know that it does so much more in the process of restoring your reproductive health?

Reproductive Issues Do Not Come Into Existence in Isolation and They Are Certainly Not Resolved in Isolation

It is hard to imagine blockages in the fallopian tubes without having scarring and adhesions in the uterus, because such damages are often caused by inflammation and past trauma wrecking havoc to the entire reproductive tract. Some of the leading causes are abortion, miscarriage, surgical procedure in the area or an STD that has gone untreated. In order for the treatment to be effective, it cannot simply focus on one part of the reproductive tract, but instead has to work on the system as a whole. Such holistic approach produces long lasting benefits and enduring overall health.

Natural Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

The ability to safely evacuate scarring, adhesions and fluid (hydrosalpinx) from the fallopian tubes is without a doubt the most famous aspect of the treatment. This is why Felopio, and the very idea of using herbal tampons and chamomile flushes to cleanse the reproductive organs, became known to the world. When Felopio was developed nearly 40 years ago, this concept was unheard of. The reason that the treatment has become so widely imitated today is due to its effectiveness and outstanding results. Felopio’s gradual and noninvasive approach is essential for optimal healing, due to the extremely delicate nature of the female reproductive tract.

Heal and Clean the Uterus After a Miscarriage or an Abortion

Achieving pregnancy after a miscarriage or an abortion can prove to be quite difficult. Such an experience can leave behind scarring and adhesions in the womb and fallopian tubes which can prevent you from becoming pregnant in the future, especially if a miscarriage happens in more advanced pregnancy. Performing the treatment after a miscarriage, abortion or a D&C (dilation and curettage) can help your body heal clean of adhesions, scarring, old stagnant blood, and remaining tissue. This will not only help to facilitate your next pregnancy, but also ensure it will reach full term without any issues.

Asherman's Syndrome and Endometriosis No More

Abnormal growth in the uterus is caused by trauma to its lining. Such damage is often the result of a dilation and curettage (D&C) following an abortion, miscarriage or a regular delivery, and it can also result from a C-section. These abnormalities are generally diagnosed as Asherman’s syndrome. If the adhesions spread outside of the uterus the umbrella term is endometriosis. The Felopio treatment’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties work to clean and restore the lining of the uterus and effectively resolve the condition. Subsequently, once the uterus is healed, the endometrial tissue in surrounding pelvic organs tends to dissolve naturally.

Shrink or Completely Eliminate Fibroids and Cysts

This benefit was a bit of a surprise during the early days of Felopio, but countless pelvic scans over the years have demonstrated that fibroids and cysts were greatly reduced or not visible following the treatment. This new finding greatly reinforced our belief that the treatment’s abilities were far surpassing just unblocking the tubes. It became evident that the reproductive system was working as a whole. In response, Felopio addresses reproductive concerns in a complete and holistic manner. One problem is rarely present without another and no issue could be successfully resolved in isolation.

Prevent HPV Complications

HPV, or human papillomavirus infection, is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world. Most often there are no symptoms and the body’s immune system is able to reduce it to below detectable levels on its own. Unfortunately, for some women HPV can result in warts on the cervix that can potentially lead to dangerous complications. The antimicrobial and immune-enhancing properties of the Felopio herbal treatment have demonstrated the ability to clean such warts and effectively reduce the risk of future problems.

Heal Painful Periods and Menstrual Cramps

Female infertility rarely has any symptoms. However, if there is one sure sign of trouble, it is constant pelvic pain, pain during intercourse or Dysmenorrhea, also known as painful periods or menstrual cramps. The Felopio treatment works on the underlying causes and true origin of abdominal pain, such as Asherman’s Syndrome, endometriosis, and fallopian tubal blockages. The first sign of healing during the treatment is the unexpected arrival of your next period. Even if you are not planning on having a child, you certainly do not have to live with pelvic pain.

Boost Enjoyment of Intimacy

Optimal reproductive health cannot possibly exclude the sheer enjoyment of intimacy. Nature has designed the sexual act to be a supreme incentive for procreation. Similarly to how the bee cannot resist the aroma of a flower and pollinates it in the process of collecting its nectar, the attraction and desire for your partner is designed to create offspring. We can conclude painful intercourse and/or lack of desire are signs of reproductive problems. Naturally, the increased enjoyment of intimacy and heightened libido following the Felopio treatment are sure testaments to its ability to restore fertility.

Heal Cystitis and Urinary Tract Infections

Although Cystitis and UTIs do not affect the reproductive tract directly and cannot prevent a pregnancy from happening, they are present in many women who are dealing with reproductive issues. Painful urination is most commonly treated with antibiotics, but it is increasingly becoming antibiotic resistant. The cleanse performed during the Felopio treatment effectively cures urinary tract infections, making future antibiotic use unnecessary. The naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing properties of the remedy break down and clear out infections, diminish inflammation and pain, and aid your body in building resistance against future infections.

Surgery and Infertility

Surgery (laparoscopy) has proven to be very infective when it comes to unblocking the Fallopian tubes or removing adhesions from the reproductive tract. These days, most doctors refer women with such conditions directly to IVF. By now, you probably understand surgery tends to create more scarring and adhesions, and it is unreasonable to expect such an invasive procedure to resolve the very conditions it perpetuates. IVF has its place, but it should be strictly reserved as a last resort for women who have lost both tubes and/or are no longer ovulating. The Felopio treatment helps you heal. It does not bypass the problem, but solves it.

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