The Story of Felopio is the Story of our Family

Felopio for family

Maria with her husband Kris after the second successful pregnancy. Circa 1980

The Felopio Story: our story and the story of the couples this powerful treatment has helped over the years. It can be part of your success story too.

It started when Maria got married in 1968. Like many married couples they couldn’t wait to have little ones. Unfortunately, Maria experienced miscarriages on three occasions at 4, 6 and 7 months with the aftermath of the last advanced stage miscarriage preventing any further pregnancy. As the months passed and no other pregnancy happening, Maria went to the hospital for a check to see what was wrong. The tests revealed her fallopian tubes had blocked. In those days, long before IVF ever existed, this meant an end to their family dreams. Needless to say, she was absolutely heartbroken. The doctor had told them there was no solution and they should look into adoption.

She didn't believe what this doctor had told her and instead embarked on a journey to find a solution for her problem. To her luck, her father-in-law was a highly respected and successful Medical Doctor who also happened to have a strong belief in herbs and loved incorporating them when called for. In those times, Doctors were not permitted to treat patients with herbs but he knew the power that the right combination of herbs can have so he used them for himself, his family and with some of his patients that were not doing well with anything else he was prescribing. Patients would line up around the corner as his waitroom was always full. He was also concerned that his son wasn't going to have children and dedicated himself to help his daughter-in-law find a way to open her tubes. Maria herself had graduated from university with a degree in Chemical Engineering and was excited to be a part of this experiment.

The herbs he had in mind had antiseptic, antibacterial, and tissue softening properties, and increased blood circulation. Maria started drinking them in a variety of herbal concoctions. She tried and tried for many months and no sign of pregnancy. As drinking the herbs wasn't working well, next came steaming as that was a way to get the healing properties of the herbs closer. Steaming was difficult and could lead to burns which wasn't a great experience. Some long months of steaming later and there was no improvement still. The years were passing by and seeing no sign of pregnancy left Maria feeling discouraged. Thoughts started to creep in that maybe that doctor was right and the blockage of the tubes really cannot be cleared. Even then, her desire to become a mother wasn't deminishing.

Shen was still determined and the next attempt was a bit drastic and different. What if the herbs can be used as a herbal mixture instead of a liquid, that are wrapped and placed directly in the vagina, thereby working to clear the blockages from a nearby? Well, they wrapped the herbal mixture in a gauze and tried it. This is when things started to happen. Tissue particles started to come out on the herbal mixture. Then chamomile tea was used to help flush out any other loose debris. Seeing the results was exciting and she continued using the herbal mixture in the "tampons" as the debirs came out everyday. After some time, the debris stopped coming out. She took a pause and shortly after she found out that she was pregnant! It had worked. And this time no miscarriage. Her womb had become stronger and the pregnancy was a success.

About three years later, the new parents were ready to welcome another child and this time they knew what to do. She used the herbal mixture once again for a month and then tried. Amazingly another pregnancy! No miscarriages, but two successful pregnancies. It took years of trial and error, pain and disappointment, but it was in those trying years that this amazing herbal mixture and tampon method came into existence.
Felopio for family around the world

Our story is not just ours. We are happy to have become a small part of the story of families from all over the world.

Well that was back in the 1970's. Over the years, she would give out the herbal cleanse to a few women that needed help and they too had successful pregnancies. It was not until almost 30 years later, with the availability of information from the internet, when it became evident to her that this unique problem she dealt with in her early married life was not so unique after all. It was affecting millions of young couples all over the world! Maria knew that the same herbal mixture can likely help many of them to conceive. Nearing retirement, she founded the company with her family and the goal was helping couples overcome the same fertility challenge that used to prevent her from having her own children. It was in late 2003 that it became officially available to the world through this very website. It was given the name Felopio.

The family company celebrated 20 years and Felopio's premium herbal mixture combined with its most effective application method has helped thousands of women from all parts of the world.

Today, the Felopio family continues to assist those who seek their help with the Felopio herbal cleanse, arguably the world's best treatment for blocked fallopian tubes.

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