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What is Felopio

Used for more than 45 years, Felopio is a personal feminine hygiene, 100% natural ingredient herbal cleanse used by women to help bring back and imporve their ability to conceive and get pregnant naturally.

Uses and Application

Uses: The main reason women use Felopio is to clean and optimize the womb and fallopian tubes. Desired results are unblocking of the fallopian tubes, cleaning imperfections from the womb and reducing painful periods and strong menstrual cramps.

Application: The Felopio herbal mixture is applied by inserting it. The herbal mixture itself is held in a tiny pouch with a long string and it is roughly the size of a cherry or a medium sized grape.

Some say that there is no way for the herbs to reach the fallopian tubes in the way they are inserted. Those people seem to think that the herbs need to go and actually physically make contact with the tubes in order to clear the blockages out. Their logic fails. There are so many examples in our environment that have have effects on us without "physically touching" us.

Take this simple example. The Sun is 147 million kilometers away from us. It is really, really far from us but we sure feel the Sun's heat, don't we? By these people's logic there should be no way for the sun to have any effect on us since it is so far!

How about your cell phone? Is it directly wired to every other phone you communicate with? No it is not, however, even though maybe not everyone always understands exactly how it works we know for a fact that the communication we make through the phone is real.

The specially formulated Felopio herbal mixture combined with our application method of insertion as a herbal tampon works and there is no debate about that. The results speak for themselves.

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How and why Felopio became available to You

A very brief explanation.

Dealing with problems to conceive arising from multiple miscarriages after getting married in the late 1960's taught Maria, founder of Felopio, a lot about the struggles to conceive and how to overcome fertility problems. The series of miscarriages left her with blocked fallopian tubes and a long road of failed attempts. It took years, determination and the help of a resourceful doctor to find the right solution.

Her eight year long battle to become a mother and her ensuing success story created what is today known simply as Felopio. For years after becoming a mother, this natural wonder was given to help a selectful of other women who were having problems to conceive.

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Those women using the treatment, were too getting pregnant after it. Nearing retirement, as the internet became part of life and the information flood gates opened, Maria started to realize that the problems she had in the 60's and 70's were now preventing millions of women around the world. She knew that the Felopio herbal cleanse could make a positive difference for many of these couples who wanted to start their own family.

Maria founded Felopio along with her family with the main goal to share Felopio with young couples who needed and wanted this type of help. came online for the first time in 2003. The Felopio herbal mixture has been helping women clean and imporve their systems for better fertility ever since.

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History of Felopio and Numbers

Get a glimpse at Felopio through the years.

Historical View of

We first registered back in 2003. With the website going live and the first Felopio herbal kit sales going out in the latter part of the year. It didn't take long for the success stories to start coming in. Some clients mailed cookies in appreciation while others mailed gifts of colourful fabrics.

The great results of Felopio started to be noticed. There were no herbal treatments of this kind anywhere at that time up until 2009 and when some of the first imitations or variations inspired by the Felopio procedure started to appear online.

With time, you will get imitations such those chinese yoni, imitations of tampons in Nigeria and other countries in Africa. There are even those that may pretend to actually be Felopio. Please be aware of such imitations. Check with us before ordering or just order directly from our website. If you see things that may seem like a fake Felopio product please contact us with the details.

First known success story: 1975
Years in existance: 46
Years in business: 20 registration: 2003
First imitations start to appear: 2009
Users worldwide: 15000+
Success rate: around 90 % with variable length of procedure
Possible procedure length: 2 to 16 months
Shortest procedure length: 1 month
Most common procedure length: 2 to 6 months
Women needing 12 months or more: Less than 1%

Felopio Ingredients

The Felopio herbal mixture includes only premium plants, plant extracts and 100% natural ingredients that will satisfy even the most discerning minds. All individual ingredients are totally safe for consumption and are listed safe from health authorities around the world. Mind you, the tiny herbal amount used for each day is only applied for its cleansing properties then removed without ingestion at all.

The highest care is taken during preparation process to produce a premium quality herbal mixture. The same herbal cleanse is continuously used in our own family.

Important Ingredient Information

Felopio's ingredients are kept a family secret. However, there are absolutely no chemicals or artificial additives. What you get is a herbal mixture that is as pure as it can be. You will know it as soon as you start using it. You can rest assured that the herbal mixture has continuously proven to be very safe. Some of our clients over the years, with very severe conditions, have used Felopio for 12+ months without interruption and have had no negative issues of any kind after that. It can be used safely for a month or over a year.

*Note: While the herbal mixture is very safe, people with allergies should always contact us prior to ordering.

Picture in your mind quality vegetables or a plant based meal such as a salad? Now tell us, does that image strike fear in your heart?

If you are not affraid of this then you have no reason to fear Felopio's ingredients. The amount of herbal mixture used each day is about the size of a cherry and only about 8 grams. Remember that the mixture is not even consumed. You apply it for 24 hours and then discard it.

As a point of reference, the American Heart Association recommends women consume no more than 25 grams of added sugar per day.

When you drink a coffee with two sugars you are consuming 8 grams of sugar (coincidently two sugars are equal in weight to the herbal mixture in one tampon) . Add a muffin and now the amount of sugar is up to about 35 grams. Stop at a fast food place to have a burger with a small soft drink and you are now looking at another 45 grams of sugar. Two choices like that will give you about 80 grams of added sugar. This is more than 3 times the maximum recommended daily added sugar intake. It doesn't have to be specifically those two meal examples. With the amount of added sugar everywhere, it really takes a concentrated effort to stay bellow this recommendation.

We strongly believe that all organs are extremely important, that's why it is crucial to impove the condition of your fallopian tubes, but we cannot deny that the heart is the most important organ of them all. It will be a wise choice to take good care of it.

You can see that there are many daily choices we make without much thought that can have a negative impact on our lifes. Applying and then removing a tiny amount of herbal mixture per day, even inside, is not one of them.

Adverse Effects

The Felopio herbal mixture is very safe. There are no long term negative side effects. Over 80% of women don't exeprience anything negative at all. There are minor things that could be felt such as very light cramps from time to time. They may come and go and this is normal when the scar tissue breaks down. They will go away when the procedure is done and everything is cleared. There shouldn't be any pain from the treatment.

Possible Minor Temporary Side Effects

The herbal mixture is absolutely safe for your system over the long term. There are no long lasting adverse effects.

During the cleansing process, there maybe very minor setbacks experienced in less that 20% of women. Those are usually lasting for a few days. A bit of irritation and/or itching could happen from time to time for women who are more sensitive. This can usually be easily addressed to have a successful treatment by applying coconut oil or even vaseline. Contact us if you have concerns.

*Note: While the herbal mixture is very safe, people with allergies should always contact us prior to ordering.

If you are someone who has experienced yeast infections before, like many women from time to time have, having a temporary breakout during the process will not reduce your chances of success. Even women who experience these minor adverse effects go on to have successful procedures and report feeling great after all. These are not lasting and have no long term impact on you or on your procedure to successfully unblock your fallopian tubes.


There should be no surprise that as a herbal mixture Felopio has a herbal smell.

More on the Smell

It can be conisderd relatively strong for some when a large amount is present as when the full jar is open. When the small amount used each day is inserted, it is totally undetectable to anyone.

We keep it pure. No unnecessary added fragrances. Most people enojoy or don't mind the smell. Some husbands have even told us that they love it! There are very few complaints over the years that some found it very strong. We have a question. If you have found a solution that actually works and knowing that it is close to impossible to unblock the fallopian tubes, wouldn't you say that a bit of a smell shouldn't be much of an issue considering the rewarding outcome?

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