Felopio Success Story: Successful Pregnancy After Ectopic Pregnancy

    The problems:
  • Lost one tube due to ectopic pregnancy
  • Remaining fallopian tube blocked
  • Trying for 3+ years

I conceived naturally and delivered a bouncing baby boy!

Hey Maria,

Hope you and your family are doing great. This is to ask God to richly bless you for being part of my success in the journey of unblocking my one and only Fallopian tube (right side) with Felopio.Thanks for your encouraging messages on email, thanks for patience on me if I asked alot of questions. I greatly thank the Almighty God for his favour. I conceived naturally and delivered a bouncing baby boy. My handsome prince is now 5 months 2 weeks. I am now enjoying motherhood, the best feeling ever in this world, I can never trade it with anything. My life now has a meaning.

I am praying for other women who are going through hardships to conceive, use Felopio, it's real and working.

God bless you Maria.

Melissa M.

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