Simple Procedure Gives BIG Results

It only takes your Dedication. Following the Two Step procedure consistently will empower you to your optimal condition for Motherhood. Effective, safe, and from the comfort of your home.

Easy as One, Two!

Insert the tampon

Let the herbal mixture tampon stay inside for approximately 24 hours. It will work on breaking down the blockages while you go about your day as usual.

Remove the tampon and flush

Remove the used tampon roughly 24 hours after insertion. Flush with the Chamomile tea and witness the results.

That's IT!

Now just keep repeating these 2 steps until the all the scar tissue and blockage are extracted from your fallopian tubes.

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The Felopio herbal mixture does all the work for you while you continue to go about your life

Using Felopio is Easy and Painless

Applying the herbal mixture tampon as close as possible is the most effective way to naturally unblock the fallopian tubes. The herbs have been carefully selected for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, circulation increasing and balancing properties. Unlike regular tampons Felopio is never used during your period and while bleeding. Felopio works to assist your period with the cleansing of your reproducitve system for the remaining days of your monthly cycle. Every day you will insert a new tampon ( see how) where the herbs will gently soften and break down accumulated scar tissue, adhesions, and blockages.

Pre-made tampons are also available with the Convenience Kit.

Soothing Chamomile Cleanse

While the Chamomile doesn't play a part in the actual unblocking of the tubes, it is a highly antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herb. Its gentle and soothing properties help for flushing out loose debris and particles softened by the herbal mixture. It is also a great way to check your progress. You will insert a new tampon after the flush is complete.

See Photos of Actual Chamomile Flushes

Simple Daily Ritual Producing Results With Each Day

While it may seem a bit complicated before actually doing it, you will quickly adjust to the procedure. It only takes 10 minutes a day, and it can be as short as two monthly cycles. Most women choose to do it in the evenings (it is best to do before going to bed), but you can do it according to your own schedule. Soon you will see the results during your nightly flushes and experience an increased sense of overall wellbeing. The best time to start the procedure is immediately following the last day of your menstrual cycle. The procedure is performed until you are able to observe 4 to 5 consecutive days of clear flushes.

See How the Procedure is Done

From 8 years of struggling to have a baby to a happy family of Four! Our Felopio Success Story.

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