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Fertility Issues Seldom Come Alone: Felopio provides diverse benefits for your whole system

It is hard to imagine blocked fallopian tubes without having scarring and adhesions in the uterus. Damages are often caused by inflammation and past injury from causes such as abortion, miscarriage, surgery or untreated STI. An effective treatment must work on the system as a whole.

The Most Sought After Benefit: Natural cleanse for blocked fallopian tubes

As our testimonials concur, the ability to safely cleanse scarring, adhesions and fluid (hydrosalpinx) from the fallopian tubes is the most famous benefit of the treatment. Felopio’s gradual and noninvasive approach is essential for providing optimal benefits, due to the extremely delicate nature of the female reproductive organs.

The Benefit of Cleaning Your Womb: It is imperative after a miscarriage or abortion

Getting pregnant after a miscarriage, abortion, STI or surgery can be difficult. The resulting scarring and adhesions in the womb and fallopian tubes can prevent pregnancy. For miscarriage or abortion, this is especially true if it happens in advanced stages. Benefit from the Felopio natural cleanse to get rid of exessive adhesions, scar tissue, and old stagnant blood after a miscarriage, abortion or a D&C. This will help to facilitate your next pregnancy and a stronger womb can ensure that it turns out successful.

A Benefit Well Worth: Decrease or make painful periods and menstrual cramps to go away

Almost everyone experiencing difficult mensturation testifies that the pain and cramps are greatly reduced after Felopio use. Felopio works on the underlying causes. An always encouraging sign that the cleansing procedure is moving well is the unexpected arrival of your next period. Even if you are not planning on having a child, you certainly do not have to live with pelvic pain.

Big Benefit for Endometriosis Sufferers: For a better quality of life and improved chances of conceiving naturally

Adhesions that cover and then spread outside the uterus can use the term endometriosis. Endometriosis is another painful conditon that takes away from the quality of life. Felopio's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties work to cleanse, loosen and restore the lining of the uterus to resolve the condition. Subsequently, once the uterus gets better, the endometrial tissue in nearby pelvic organs tends to loosen naturally.

A Surprise Additional Benefit for Fibroids: Shrink or completely eliminate them

This benefit was a surprise during the earlier days. Clients have reported back on numerous occasions following the Felopio treatment with pelvic scans demonstrating that the fibroids they had were reduced or no longer after. This was great news as it could choosen for a nonivaisive option for those with fibroids. Myomectomy is known to lead to scarring and blockage of the fallopian tubes. This finding reinforced our belief that Felopio's abilities were beyond just unblocking the fallopian tubes.

An Overlooked Benefit Shared by Many: Boosting sexual intimacy and desire

How important is the sheer enjoyment of intimacy? Nature has designed the sexual act to be a supreme incentive for procreation. Similarly to how the bee cannot resist the aroma of a flower and pollinates it in the process of collecting its nectar, the attraction and desire for your partner is designed to create offspring. Painful intercourse and/or lack of desire can be signs of trouble. The increased enjoyment of intimacy and heightened libido following cleansing with Felopio are sure testaments to its ability to improve fertility.

The Felopio herbal cleanse is a 100% natural, holistic approach that produces long lasting benefits.

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