Felopio Success Story: Fallopian Tubes Unblocked After Hydrosalpinx

    The problems:
  • Hydrosalpinx in left tube
  • Right cornual tubal blockage

Debby asked us to share her testimonial after doing Felopio for two months to clear hydrosalpinx and cornual tubal blockage.

"I don't know how to start. But first, I give all the Glory to God Almighty. My tubes were blocked, right cornual occlusion and left hydrosalpinx.

I called on madam Maria and mr Micheal from Canada and they referred me to their representative here in Ghana. I ordered one and I started the treatment immediately in July. The first flush I saw some particles coming out and increasing every day by day before my period came in August. After my period, I started again with the remaining herb the particles were not too much, unlike the first month I started the treatment. After that, I ordered for the second package and I started treatment again in September till I received my period in October 3, 2020. After my period though some small small discharge were in the flush, I did the treatment again for 4 days.

I felt am normal bcos I saw some changes in me and I decided to go for another HSG Today 12, October, 2020. These are the reports for the first and second HSG test. Which shows that both of my tubes were blocked and after Felopio opened.

Pictures of the reports are attached.

May God bless and keep Felopio family safe and sound in Jesus name amen. Pls kindly help me to post this for the world to see and know that Felopio work's."

X-ray pictures taken before and then after two months of using Felopio shows both tubes are open.

Debby A.
Kumasi, Ghana - Posted on December 18, 2020

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