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A plea to our clients: We kindly ask you to come forward if you have successfully unblocked your fallopian tubes or got pregnant with the help of Felopio. We and others would love to hear your story. Share on:

Don't let negative people scare you! - A message of gratitude in response to the naysayers. We appreciate you took the time to share. Blessings to your family!

"I just wanted to reach out to you. I used two rounds of Felopio back in 2010. We even talked on the phone a time or two. I truly believe that your system coupled with an improved diet and reiki therapy cleared my tubes and healed my system.

My hubby and I conceived in late 2012. I am now the proud momma of 3 beautiful children. I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for your continued mission to help women. I recently came across a thread with naysayers and remembered that I never messaged you to let you know you helped. Thanks again.

Happy Holidays and kind regards,"

Ginny C.
Michigan, USA - Posted on Dec 8, 2021

Lucy used the Felopio Original Kit - Two Months starting in March 2020. Just recently she emailed us with her new HSG test results.

"I just had to. I know it's been a while but only cuz I didn't have it to go get an HSG done. If I could get the pictures of before and after, I would send them to you.

This stuff really works.

I had an HSG done and I'm so happy to tell you that my right tube is completely open. My left is almost open and I'm sure another treatment will take care of that. I usually don't send reviews, but this blew my mind. I'm a believer!

Thank you guys so much!"

Lucy K.
Kansas, USA - Posted on Nov 12, 2021

Using Felopio for less than 60 days was enough to help Sunshine have two kids. We are glad that you took the leap of faith Sunshine and appreciate you taking the time to share your story. Continued blessings!

"After finding out that my Fallopian tubes were blocked, I thought my life was over and will never be able to have kids until I came across this website.

I definitely went out on limb desperate to try anything and I'm so grateful that I did.

After buying the 40 day starter kit and did everything that the instruction said, which I may say was very easy to follow, it just took a lot of dedication. After my 40 days I felt like my process wasn't complete, so then I ordered the 20 day package. Before that package was completed I found out I was pregnant with my 1st child. It was the best day of my life. Then exactly a year later I had my 2nd child.

This product really works and I recommend any and everyone to go out on that limb and start the beginning of your new life it's definitely worth it. "

New York, USA - Posted on Oct 4, 2021

Doctor tells a woman not to use Felopio because chances are that it is not going to work for her! Don't let others or even doctors scare you. You should know that IVF has a success rate of less than 25% which means that a failed IVF is 3 times more likely to happen than a successful one. In other words, the chances are that the majority of IVF cycles will not work. Nevertheless, IVF is a great invention and has helped many women conceive. In our opinion, if conceiving naturally is important then Felopio is a better option for you. Felopio has also helped many women conceive for a fraction of the cost.

"I'm 28 and I believe I'am having trouble with conceiving and I really want to so much with my fiance, we really want this to happen.

My doctor says Felopio has its chances of not working for me, telling me not to do it. But my Friend on the other hand got pregnant after using this product for a short time."

S. Washington
Chicago, USA - Posted on Sep 8, 2021

Feedback from Chrissy after 11 days of treatment. The herbs do have strong qualities and part of it is that they have a certain smell to them. Rest assured that others around you are not able to smell it.
Thank you for sharing Chrissy!

"Day 11 of using it and can see some tissue coming out. Day 12 can see more pictures of tissues when I do the douche afterwards. I believe it is working plus every now and then I will get uterine cramps. Looking forward to another HSG test to see if they are all clear.

P.S. Don't let the smell of the tampons throw you off. I wasn't used to the smell but believe the herbs work. You get used to the smell."

Indiana, USA - Posted on August 18, 2021

What a differnece two months can make! You have options.
Thank you Karen, we appreciate you sharing with us and others who may not know that there are other possiblities. Blessings to you, Felopio family

"I went for my 1st HSG back on April 2021 and my tubes weren't even seen completely blocked I was devastated when the fertility doctor told me only IVF is my option. I then started my search on the internet and found your site and read all the testimonies and I knew I had to try it.

The flushes were productive and I did it from May to July 27th 2021 in between periods. Today July 29th I went for my 2nd HSG and both tubes are open and I feel so blessed to have found your website! This definitely works it worked for me and I would recommend it to anyone who has the issue of blocked tubes.

Today July 29th I went for my 2nd HSG and both tubes are open and I feel so blessed to have found your website!

Again Thank you so much the Felopio is a miracle treatment and God bless you for helping women!"

New York, USA - Posted on Jul 29, 2021

Lissere used the Felopio Convenice Kit - 40 for overall health. Thank you for sharing Lissere.

”After several botched surgeries, I decided to purchase this treatment for overall health. I am more than satisfied and completely healed from the old scars.

I highly recommend this. I have not had any discomfort and feel so much better overall. “

Lissere D.
North Carolina, USA - Posted on Jul 28, 2021

Noreen used Felopio for two months to unblock her fallopian tubes at 41 years of age. It is possible to unblock the fallopian tubes naturally at 40 plus.

Thank you so much for sharing. We all pray for your successful pregnacny.

"I was 22 years married and 2 marriages broken it was my 3rd marriage and i was still hopeful,,, when I was just 19 I got married 1st time and 1st month I was diagnosed with tuberculosis and after 2 years my appendix burst inside,, i faced these 2 major problems and when I lost my 2nd marriage and married thrice I found this website and I just bought this medicine on the trust of my Allah and prayed a lot,,,,

2 months I used this and then started my treatment last month my doctor prescribed me some tests and I was hysterosonogram and unbelievably after test Radiologist gave me a verryyy verryyy good news that my both tubes are open and it was really unbelievable for me and now I'm trying to conceive,,,,

I'll request you all who will read my feedback plzzzz pray for me I'm at age of 41 will turn 42 in September and many many thanks to Felopio creators may Allah bless you all ,,, thank you sooo much ❤❤ "

Toronto, Canada - Posted on March 31, 2021

Nkiru conceived right after two cycles of Felopio. Thank you for sharing your success story Nkiru!

"Hi Maria, I do not really know what to say. First I will thank the Almighty God for using you to heal women like me that suffered from fallopian tube blockage. Am going to take this quotation from your web site that says "many women are able to conceive on the very next month following the procedure".

Yes, I used the procedure for 2 consecutive cycles and used the last tampon the day I started my third cycle. I did not go to check if my tubes were unblocked. To God be the Glory I am now 6 weeks pregnant.

My whole family is very happy , especially my husband and my 12 yrs old. I will continue to spread the news of Felopio. Thank you Maria for being there for women like me. Please keep me in your prayers in this my journey.

Thank you very much and may God continue to bless you.

Nkiru E.
Arizona, USA - Posted on December 23, 2020

Reduced period pain is often noticed after one to two months of Felopio treatment. Margaret shared that Felopio has helped her feel so much better.

"Felopio is the most amazing product that I have tried. It has truly helped me. Felopio has ended my back pain ...

... that was so bad around my period that I needed help in and out bed and it has also taken away my cramps that were horrible around my period I could hardly stand up. My ultimate dream is to be pregnant soon. It hasn't happened yet but I am hopeful and positive about it, and the felopio consultants are so kind and helpful. They answered all my questions and were always there for me."

Margaret P.
New Mexico, USA - Posted on October 28, 2020

One tube unblocked after just one cycle of Felopio following fibroid surgery. Irene used Felopio for blocked fallopian tubes and after she had fibroid removal surgery. The HSG was part of a routine check after the fibroid removal surgery. Under nomral circumstances, it is best to get at least 4 days of clear flushes before going for the HSG test to confirm that the tubes are open.

"I have a good news, i went for my HSG and i found out the one of my Fallopian tubes is open. I haven't even completely taken the felopio.  

I'm really glad i found out about this product online.


X-ray pictures taken after one month of using Felopio shows free spill from the tube.

Irene S.
North Carolina, USA - Posted on September 29, 2020

Successfully unblocking the fallopian tubes after ectopic pregnancy. You can use Felopio to avoid ectopic pregnancy from occurring in the first place prior to trying to conceive.

"I believe that this did work for me. I went for a test after my ectopic in December and the results I received for that test in Jan 2020 was that the tubes were blocked. After using felopio not even 4wks and went for another Hsg test July 24th 2020 and my tube is open."

Michigan, USA - Posted on September 16, 2020

Six months of Felopio treatment to overcome a blocked tube of 17 years. While the treatment duration can vary, with Felopio it is possible to unblock the tubes naturally. Dear Susan, thank you sharing and being a postive example for others. We are happy to see your good results so far and look forward to even better things in the coming months.

"Well IT WORKS!!!

"I would like to say thank you. Both of my tubes were blocked I have completed 6 months worth of the treatment. I went for a HSG and was told that my right tube is now open but my left one was still blocked. I ordered another treatment so I can hopefully unblock the left tube. After everything me having one tube open right now is a blessing. Thank you so Michael for always being so prompt in getting back to me. You and your family are a blessing from God. He gave your beautiful mother and grandfather the knowledge to help other women. You and your family will always be apart of ours. We are excited to start trying soon. Thank you so much and I will keep you posted on my left tube."

It is good to know a little bit about Susan's case prior to starting with Felopio. It is also natural to be a little skeptical. Some of you may feel the same way or might have the same questions.

"Hello, my husband and I have been trying for 17 years. Both of my tubes Fallopian tubes are blocked. We have had surgery to remove the scar tissue but, they closed back up. We have also, did IVF and had a 2 chemical pregnancies. I'm very skeptical about trying this treatment. So my question is what are the chances of this working for me since I have already had the surgery to try to remove the scar tissue."

Here is a picture of some recent flushes. The process has to continue until the flushes are clear for at least 4 consecutive days.

Susan C.
North Carolina, USA - Posted on August 31, 2020

Ella from Florida used one Convenience Kit to unblock her tubes. She was a little bit affraid to use Felopio after receiving her kit, but her recent HSG result showed that there was nothing to worry about. Thank you sharing your result with everyone Ella!

"Hi All,

I wanted to share that after this treatment I have checked my Fallopian tubes and they are open thank goodness! I can't say how grateful I am. It is worth every penny knowing we can continue our journey with a relaxed heart and mind. I can't wait to venture into TTC now!

Wishing you all Health"

Florida, USA - Posted on October 11, 2020

In 2011, Felopio helped Lindsay to get pregnant naturally after a diagnosis of bilaterally blocked tubes. She decided to give Felopio another try in 2020 to give her a little assistance.

Lindsay, Thank you for sharing your Felopio success story!

"I just finished a full month of Felopio treatment and the flushes were very productive. I used Felopio 9 years ago after being diagnosed with bilateral blocked tubes and got pregnant naturally with my son after the treatment. I have been trying again for a second child over the past 2 years with no success and decided to do another Felopio clearing to see if possible blockage was again causing a problem. As indicated by the debris coming out with the flushes I think it has been the issue. I will let you know if we are successful getting pregnant soon. Fingers crossed!

Thank you for providing this product.

You are welcome to use my testimonial for the website. I love your product and stand by its success.

I had a vaginal birth with my son with no complications.

I was still seeing debris by the time my cycle started again this month. I have some of the herb left so I plan to do more treatment until I see the clear flushes. Hopefully that will be soon!

Thank you again for everything."

Washington State, USA - Posted on May 23, 2020

Pregnant at 42 after tubal reversal surgery: Debbie used Felopio to unblock her left tube after having multiple early losses of pregnancy from her right tube.

"Hello! I am excited to tell you that your product worked for me! I had my tubes tied and after meeting my husband I had them untied. This left my Left tube occluded and my right tube and ovary caused much pain."

I went to fertility dr and after many months of shots I had a baby girl but after wanting another child the dr did another hsg and noticed that my left tube was still completely blocked with scar tissue though my right tube was not blocked. I was having constant early pregnancy losses that could not be explained.  I was having constant pain in my right side where my ovary was. I continued in pain for a long time. I wanted another baby so bad.

I did research on the internet and found your site.  I ordered your product.  The worse thing is that the stuff does smell. The first few flushes I did not see much but then, everyday I would see white tissue come out and around day nine I saw large amount of white tissue and red clots. This continued for another 9 days then it was back to small particles again. When I finished that month and got my period we decided to try and conceive. I noticed the pain in my ovary was gone!!"

It is always best to get to clear flushes before your start trying to conceive after using Felopio.

"I tracked my cycle and on my next ovulation I became pregnant! I was truly amazed. During this time I did stretches to soften my leg and abdomen area and massage my tummy every night along with using hot water bottle on my tummy to soften my stomach. I also took vitamins and herbs to help clean out my body. I am sure the combination caused such a quick response. After 7 years we finally got our little guy.

I owe it all to your product. When the dr did the ultrasound he showed that we ovulated from the LEFT ovary!!! so exciting to have proof that your product worked to unblock the tube that was occluded for so many years. I know there are doubters out there but I need to say to them, How do you know if you do not try?

This is a small amount compared to the thousands that the fertility dr charges and you will have more of a chance to get your little baby. I am 42 with a baby. It is so exciting. Drs do not know it all. These herbs are powerful and they work!!. Thank you so much Maria for making and selling these products. Some times during the treatment I wanted to quit because the herbs make me feel uneasy from the smell.Those days, when I wanted to quit  I would just make 1/2 a tampon until the next day that I get more courage to go on. It was a tough month but it was well worth it. If you want the baby so much you will do this to unblock your tubes easily and allow for conception to occur. My little son is proof that your product works.Thank YOU! "

United States - Posted on May 7, 2020

Most women actually don't have any problem with the smell of the herbal mixture at all. Some like it and some are indifferent to it. If you have an extreme sense of smell and it happens that you don't enjoy the smell of Felopio, you may have a similar experience. Debbie thought that the trade off in her case was well worth it. Rest assured that no one around you can actually smell it.

Debbie pregnant at 42 after using Felopio to unblock her left tube following tubal reversal surgery.

Pregnant at 42 after tubal reversal and unblocking tubes with Felopio.

D. from New York City was very excited about what happened after she used 40 Felopio herbal tampons. She asked us to share her message with others.


Dear Maria,

I am the young lady who wrote to you a couple of times about your product. Please share with others.

After completing your treatment I used of all tampons. I and my husband are 7 weeks pregnant. Ultra sound is next week to confirm. Thank you for creating a product that gives women like us a fighting chance.

I believe with much prayer and your product my family will be blessed with a child !!

Thank you again

D. - Young lady from New York
New York, USA - Posted on Mar 27, 2020

Teressa used Felopio in 2014 and emailed us again in 2018 with this "Thank you" note from Ohio.

Hey Michael. This is Teressa, I talk to you 5 years ago about my blocked fallopian tubes. I bought some felopio from you and it works. I got pregnant few times. Now I got a baby. She is one year old. Her name is Bella. Now, one my fallopian tube is open and the other has fluid in my fallopian tube. I’ll get some more real soon.

Thank you.

Teressa H.
Ohio, USA - Posted on Dec 4, 2019

Chuku's battle with endometriosis

I suffer from endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disorder that affects female reproductive system.

Endometriosis is a painful condition, the pain was affecting me daily. I couldn't get help from anyone, not even my doctor could help me. When I got married, 2 years in to my marriage, I couldn't get pregnant. I was worry that endometriosis was the reason for my inability to conceive. I decided to check my reproductive system. My obgyn performed the test n some blood work. The doctor told me I am ovulating every month but my both ovaries has cysts, fibroids in my uterus and my both fallopian tubes are blocked due to endometriosis. He said my only option was surgery to remove the blockages or ivf. It was like a death news, but I was determined to unblock my fallopian tubes naturally. One day I was looking for solutions to my problem on the internet, I came across Felopio. I called n ordered the first treatment. After the first treatment my tubes was not totally clear, I ordered the second treatment which unblocked my both tubes. 4 months after Felopio treatment I conceived! Our daughter Desire is 1 year 6 months, we are trying to have the second child. Felopio works!!!!!

Thanks to Maria n his family for this wonderful products God blessed.."

Chuku C.
Pennsylvania, USA - Posted on Nov 20, 2019

Two weeks ago I successfully delivered a healthy boy!

Dear Maria,

I was afraid to speak too soon, but wanted to let you know that two weeks ago I successfully delivered a healthy boy.* I am so happy and thankful to you. May God bless you for your kindness!

Jill E.

Even my doctor was very surprised…

Hi Maria,

This is Harinder again and I want to thank to you with all my heart and soul because my tube is open.* I just had it checked yesterday, even my doctor was very surprised, he was asking me to give your address so he can refer more patients to you, but I want to get your okay first. If you don’t mind than I will give it to him. As soon as I have my first baby I am gonna send you the best gift I can effort to give you. Once again thanks for everything.

Harinder K.

I went to see the specialist and showed him the report… He was AMAZED

Hi Maria,


Okay let me try to explain it… When i first started the treatment the flushes were a lot. As the days went on it got more and more clear. Then it was completely clear for about 4 days. The last night before my period came down… I did the flush and to my surprise there a little bit of white stuff came out. The next day my period came down.

After we talked I was supposed to use the remainder of the treatment… but I was discouraged… and I didn’t use the remainder of the herbal treatment. I’m having surgery on my knees tomorrow morning and decided to see a specialist to clear my tubes tomorrow morning. I wanted to have both surgeries done while I was put asleep.

My regular OBGYN scheduled me for the HSG from last week. After the hospital called me to remind me of my 2pm appointment today I decided to go after all its only $70 for the HSG. After the doctor at the hospital completed the HSG, you have to wait for about 15 minutes and they give you the report to carry to you OBGYN. I took it to my doctor and he was amazed then I went to see the specialist and showed him the report… He was AMAZED He said okay, well i guess you will only be having knee surgery tomorrow because your tubes are completely clear.

Kind regards,

Wendy S.

Kasena used one kit!

From: Kasena[mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Subject: Felopio Unblocking Kit

I just wanted you to know that I am now 5 weeks pregnant!!!



A couple from the US took a leap of faith to succeed.

Hi Maria,

I did a hsg and the results showed that my tubes are no longer blocked, we are so excited and happy we just want to tell you thanks a million and may God continue giving you the health and strength to keep helping people like us. We would keep in touch and let you know our progress. Thank you again.

Yours truly,

C & N

Thanks..Thanks..and Thanks a lot Maria.

Can you believe it? Yesterday I performed another HSG test (i.e., dye test). My tubes were found all cleared. My doctor told me that everything is normal!!! Last time, my right tube could not be seen and my lef tube was found with adhesion and scar tissues at the far end.

Thank you very much Maria, I own you a big bow! By the way, should I continue using all the tampons you gave to me?

Thanks you so much

Thanks again and you are my hero.

Catherine W.
Toronto, Canada

After years of endometriosis and 2 laparoscopies - Success!

After years of endometriosis and 2 laparoscopies I was only ever able to have one child. Recently I was told that my fallopian tubes were blocked, one was completely and the other was over half. I was told to consider IVF, surrogacy, and adoption. However I just wanted to conceive on my own, so I surfed the web and came across this product. I used Felopio in June 08 for one month it is now sept 1 08 and I am happy to say I am almost 8 weeks pregnant. What a miracle!!! This product is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone in need. Thank you so much!!!!!!

S. C.
Calgary, Canada

After a failed IVF, a couple receives a Christmas gift!

Dear Maria,

Hi! Me and my husband wanted to thank you and your website for helping us having a baby when we almost lost hope of having one. I am 36 years old and diagnosed with bilateral blocked fallopian tubes in the proximal area. My obgynae told me the day she discovered my condition that i can only have IVF to have a baby, and not even surgery could help. I did have a second opinion about having surgery but i was told the same. So we decided to try IVF, unfortunately the procedure was dicontinued because of some medical reasons. We were getting desperate as i am not getting any younger. While waiting for another consultation, i stumbled on your website. Although we have doubts of how it will work, i still bought the herbal mixture. And true to everyone's testimonies, i got pregnant after a month of using it. We bought three preg test kits to confirm and it all came out positive. We were very happy and over the moon of the findings. Although it takes a lot of faith, patience and determination using the herbal mixture, but IT'S ALL WORTH IT! I already recommended using Felopio to some of my friends with the same condition as i have. We waited to thank you until our baby is born, and our baby is the best Christmas gift ever that we have as he's born on Christmas day. Attached is his pictures. Once again thank you very,very much and God bless!

Thanks you so much


C & T

Hydrosalpinx resloved.

I wanted to quickly write it in commend you on your amazing product. I’ve been using Felopio for 3 weeks now, and began seeing pieces of tissue coming out on my first night. By my second week, I was releasing large pieces of tissue- I couldn't believe my eyes, but it made our struggles for conceiving apparent. For a week now, my flushes have been either clear or almost clear (some small pieces). I feel like i'm just about cleaned out within 3 weeks, which is amazing considering that both of my tubes had different issues (hydrosaplinx in one and partial blockage in the other). I actually used Felopio along with acupuncture and Chinese herbs in hopes of expediting the process, but the Felopio tampon was clearly the most direct and effective treatment of the three that I combined. Thank you for doing what doctors could not. It's a shame that the medical field is not (correct me if i'm wrong) taking advantage of your product. I hope that in the future standard medicine combines these types of holistic approaches to their regiment.... The public is missing out on key information and products without this connection.

Thanks again for a miraculous product.

E. J.

Classically trained MDs take notice.

I also spoke to my cousin [Dr. Lee] who is an Herbalist/Naturopath/Oriental Medical Doctor [O.M.D.]: he states he has recommended FELOPIO to about 5 or 6 patients [with blocked tubes], and ALL but 1 was able to successfully "unblock" their tubes [confirmed by HSG or pregnancy]. This is a very good percentage-success, though anecdotal.

Dr. Steven G.

Alexis chose Felopio over surgery.

After several tests in 1997, I discovered that my tubes were blocked, and needed an operation to clear them. I refused to go under the knife for personal reasons.

Actually it was my husband who found this site, he sent me the link to check out and see what I think of Felopio.

When I was first reading it, of course I was skeptical, I even had a friend look at the site and review what it offers. Her concern, like mine, was what was in the product? Nonetheless, time was against me, and I wanted to have a baby, to do everything to make myself ready. We purchased the product and amazingly enough it worked!

The process is very simple, but you have to stick with it. After two weeks you will be asking yourself "Why am I doing this again"? I wanted to stop because I could not literally see or watch my tubes unblock, but I stuck with it because getting pregnant was most important to me.

The hardest part was the waiting for the results, but it was well worth it. Success came with the first month of using Felopio. The product works, and I would recommend it to anyone in similar situation to try it before going for an operation or giving up hope.

Alexis L.

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