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Since 2004, Felopio™ is the original natural treatment known to safely unblock blocked fallopian tubes and restore the female reproductive system with the use of herbal tampons. The Felopio natural treatment is able to achieve these results* without the use of any chemicals, medications or invasive surgical procedures. The story of Felopio goes back to the early 1970s, when our mother Maria struggled with blocked fallopian tubes in her youth. Felopio is the reason why my brother and I were born in the first place. If it was not for it, we would not exist, and our family would not be here helping others to start their own families.

“Since 2004, before the rise in popularity of natural remedies we see today, we have been offering a herbal solution to female infertility.”

Throughout the years, our mother has been preparing Felopio for friends, and friends of friends. Helping women with blocked fallopian tubes to restore their fertility naturally and achieve a healthy pregnancy.* It was not until 2004 when we first started offering Felopio globally. At that time, when we first introduced the Felopio natural treatment to the world, the idea of using “herbal tampons” to unblock the fallopian tubes was virtually unheard of. When one typed “herbal tampons” in Google, it returned zero results. That was the beginning when our natural treatment using “herbal tampons” to open blocked fallopian tubes became available to women to clean and restore their reproductive health, and overcome infertility.

“Felopio is the story of our family, the reason behind many new families around the world, and hopefully this moment NOW is the first step towards the creation of your own family.”

Felopio is sought after for its ability to safely unblock fallopian tubes, allowing women to conceive in the way nature intended. Yet, Felopio’s benefits neither start nor end with simply unblocking fallopian tubes. It is a holistic method. The procedure works on the whole reproductive system, rather than isolating any particular area of the reproductive tract. Unblocking the fallopian tubes is simply the result of completely restoring fertility and allowing for vibrant reproductive health.* 

Generally, there are two conditions that are absolutely necessary in order for conception to occur: a woman has to ovulate, and the fallopian tubes need to be open. These two are the bare minimum. A healthy pregnancy, which is nothing short of a miracle, requires a number of other things that have to be just right. The uterus has to be a welcoming environment in order to provide a healthy home for the new embryo. The uterus walls need to be in good shape for the embryo to be able to attach itself. It has to be clean and free of infections to ensure the embryo grows into a healthy baby. Felopio helps with all of the above to prepare you for a healthy natural pregnancy.

There is more. Felopio contributes to optimal health in the following ways:

      It acts as a powerful antibacterial remedy
      It strengthens the reproductive system
      It strengthens the immune system
      It dramatically shrinks or eliminates fibroids
      It completely soothes menstrual pains
      It boosts enjoyment of intimacy
      It heals vaginal discharge
      It eliminates foul odours
      It improves vaginal cleanness to optimal
      It improves sensitivity and overall condition of the reproductive system resulting in better and more fulfilling sex life
      It delays the effects of menopause (women who have used Felopio™ have reportedly remained fertile well into their fifties)

Where it All Started

*More than twelve years of experience demonstrates the effectiveness of Felopio, yet each woman is different and the duration and outcome of the treatment may vary. 

The Original Kit for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

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