Felopio Can Restore Your Reproductive Health. Naturally. From the Comfort of Your Home.

Since the 1970s, Felopio® is the original pioneering herbal tampon treatment known to safely unblock the fallopian tubes without the use of any chemicals, medications or invasive surgical procedures. We are proud to say the Felopio® treatment only makes use of plants and plant extracts. Nothing else. There are ZERO drugs, chemicals, coloring, preservatives, fragrances or any other artificial substances.

The following remarkable benefits are also experienced* as part of the treatment in the process of healing the reproductive system:

      Acts as a powerful antibacterial remedy
      Strengthened reproductive system
      Strengthened immune system
      Shrunk or dramatically reduced fibroids
      Soothed menstrual pains
      Boost enjoyment of intimacy
      Heal vaginal discharge
      Reduced foul odours
      Improved vaginal cleanness to optimal
      Delays the effects of menopause (women who have used Felopio® regularly have reportedly remained fertile well into their fifties)

How does it work? Read about the procedure.
Our decades long experience, backed by the experience of so many of our clients, demonstrates Felopio®‘s ability to successfully unblock the fallopian tubes and help restore the female reproductive health, read our testimonials.

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*Each woman is different and the duration and outcome of the treatment may vary.

The Original Herbal Tampon Method for Unblocking Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally

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