Felopio Success Story Contest Giveaway 2023

Felopio started with Maria’s success story but do you remember your own Felopio Success Story?

Contest Giveaway: $1000 in prizes!

Do you remember how you read the Felopio testimonials of those that came before you?

Those folks shared their story of suffering and success even though it is not easy to open up about such a private matter. Their kind act of sharing helped you have faith and gave you light when there wasn’t much. This sharing played a crucial part in the development of your own success story.

Update: Contest Giveaway

Januray Update: There is still time to enter the Felopio Success Story Contest Giveaway. We will be giving away $1000 in prizes!

Create, post and share your Felopio Story on our Facebook or X (Twitter) to win one of a variety of prizes including a grand prize of $400 to help you start of the new year in 2024. Your success story is IMPORTANT and can help someone who is suffering. Someone who is currently very much like you were not that long ago. Sharing is powerful!

We always have questions in our heads. Wouldn't it be nice for someone to help answer the question you have now?

Multiple Prizes to be given out

The grand prize winner will be determined by the following factors: quality of the success story post, the amount of likes and comments received on the post, and a random draw if necessary.

In addition, the 2nd place winner will receive $200 while 3rd place will get $100. There will also be ten prizes of $30 each. In total, $1000 of prizes can be given out to participants in the contest. Participants can choose for their prize to be donated to a charity of their choice if they wish to do so.

Updated: Submit your entery by January 31 at midnight.

The cutoff date for the post entry is December 31 at midnight. To participate, you must have used Felopio and we must be able to verify it. Please do not enter the contest and make up stories if you have never used Felopio. There will be no prizes for fake stories. The contest giveaway is open to anyone that has used Felopio even if it was a long time ago and you have already shared your success story with us by email or phone call or it has been posted on our website.

Remember that there is no shame to be going through the challenge of blocked fallopian tubes. It can happen to anyone and we can all learn by sharing our experience for a better future.

Update: Submit your Success Story by January 31

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