Heal and Clean the Entire Reproductive Tract After a Miscarriage or an Abortion

Did you know a miscarriage or an abortion can have lasting detrimental effects on your reproductive health? The Felopio treatment can help you cleanse and recover in order to avoid future complications!

Why is it Important to Cleanse and Revitalize the Uterus and Fallopian Tubes Following a Miscarriage in Order to Ensure Inflammation Does Not Cause Lasting Damage?

Miscarriage Can Happen Due to Different Reasons

The most common being: chromosome deficiency, infected fluid from hydrosalpinx, physical trauma, emotional or physical stress, fibroids. Achieving pregnancy after a miscarriage or an abortion can prove to be quite difficult. That is because such an episode can leave behind scarring and adhesions in the womb and fallopian tubes which can prevent you from becoming pregnant in the future, especially if a miscarriage happens in more advanced pregnancy. Performing the treatment after a miscarriage, abortion or a D&C can help your body heal clean of adhesions and scarring.

Avoid Future Complications

Blockages in the tubes, Asherman’s syndrome, and endometriosis are possible complications following a miscarriage. Abnormal growth in the uterus is caused by trauma to its lining and is often the result of dilation and curettage (D&C) following an abortion, miscarriage, regular delivery and it can also result from a C-section. Such abnormalities are generally diagnosed as Asherman’s syndrome. If the adhesions spread outside of the uterus the umbrella term is endometriosis. The Felopio treatment works to clean and restore the lining of the uterus and effectively resolves the condition. Subsequently, once the uterus is healed the adhesions on the outside tend to dissolve naturally.

Ensure Your Next Pregnancy Will Reach Full Term Without Any Issues

The two most important aspects are clearing the fallopian tubes and the walls of the uterus of any scarring and adhesions accumulated after the miscarriage. Obviously, without free passage through the fallopian tubes pregnancy is not possible. The condition of the uterus is just as important and often overlooked by most reproductive specialist. It is vital for the walls of the womb to be free of scarring to increase the chances for the embryo to implant without a problem and start a healthy pregnancy.

Felopio Can Help You Heal

The Felopio treatment cleans the entire reproductive tract in order to restore fertility. It is 100% plant based (only plants and plant extracts) and contains absolutely no chemicals, pharmaceuticals, colouring or even preservatives. It is a safe and effective method to restore your reproductive system and help you to a healthy pregnancy following a miscarriage. It is best to allow about a month before you start with the treatment to cleanse the reproductive tract. You can do it and we can help you get there!

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